nhs dentists in uk.where do i go now?

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  1. i suffer from fibromyalga and ME chronic fatigue syndrome.and about 3 month ago i woke up with the most severe pain in my jaw.i wondered if while id been asleep,id actually been yawning,you know like we ME sufferers do constantly.

    anyway while ive been asleep my jaw has popped out and now that im awake and in this severe pain,ive had to carefully ease my jaw back into place.

    the pain calmed down,but for the whole of these 3 month ive been left with pain in my face that moves up the jaw behind my ear.and i cant eat for the pain.

    i went to my doctor about 6 weeks ago and asked her if she would send me to the hospital for xrays on my jaw.she said no because she thinks its nothing to do with the actual bone,but rather its muscle pain due to me having fibromyalgia.

    she had treated me for thrush on the tongue a couple of months before.id had to use nystatin oral treatment.

    well my doctor said,go to your dentist and have them check your teeth,the pain could be due to dental problems.

    over here in the uk most of the free treatment on the nhs is not available,that is unless you travel all over england to find a dentist who will treat nhs patients.

    anyway my husband came home the other day and said...ive found a dentist who will see nhs patients only if its a emergency,ive told them you need a dental xray,as youve been in pain for over 3 month,and your doctor refuses to send you to have a hospital xray,until a dentist can rule out dental decay and such.

    i was so happy that someone will help me.

    so the dentist does the xray and says theres no dental decay,but gives me penicilin anti biotics,a weeks course,as the thrush id had weeks before,,in her opinion,,might have infected muscles in my face.but i should see my doctor and arrange to have my jaw xrayed at the hospital, as theres signs that theres a problem as in the jaws making popping noises.

    well i told this dentist about this site, and that id read that if i had my fillings removed and had different ones put in,my ME chronic fatigue syndrome might possibly go away.so could she arrange to remove the fillings on the nhs?

    she said no,you cant get them removed on the nhs,but if you pay private,it costs £80 per tooth, per filling.so i then said,well can you remove all my teeth and ill settle for false teeth?she said no not on the nhs,but if you pay private, false teeth will cost you £700.

    so now im on the anti biotics,and when my course finishes,ive now got to search around my area in hopes of finding a nhs dentist.it sounds impossible just now because there are none in my area.what on earth has my government done?why no nhs dentists?

    when i went to pick up my persription i asked the phamacist,is there any proof, in your opinion, that having all my current fillings removed,and having another sort of filling put in,will make my ME chronic fatigue syndrome go away?

    he said..people dont know what causes your illness just yet,the fillings arent prooved as causing the ME,so sadly i cant say that you will recover if you have the fillings removed.

    i asked him if he thinks i come across as being a mad person,because my government thinks ive made myself have this illness,that i made myself ill.

    he said,,well sadly our government says that about most patients who suffer from illneeses that the medical profession cant heal.if it cant be healed,it isnt a real illness.thats what the government thinks.

    he wished me well for the future,and said lets hope a pain relief pill will be available soon for your type of illness.

    and do you know what..it felt so nice to be spoken to in a normal way,instead of being shouted at.he treated me with respect,unlike some doctors ive had in the past.i actually felt like a human being.

    i will report here if im able to find a nhs dentist,and let you know what im told is wrong with my jaw,if my doctor does send me for hospital xrays.i do hope she will because i cant keep living with this daily jaw pain much longer.

    im not able to work due to my illnesses affecting my mobility,so how could i possibly afford to pay for private dentisty?

    take care all
    love fran
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    Well honey, I cannot see an NHS dentist doing that on a theory that is unproven. By all accounts if mercury in fillings was causing Fm then the vast majority of the population over the age of 35 should have FM. My FIL is 89 and has had a mouthful of fillings all of his life and is still playing tennis and skiing. The board here is pretty divided on this issue. It could have a bearing or not. I have only one grey filling and I am 60 this year and yet I have FM, and my son who is 12 has no fillings and has FM. So maybe it will not help you. The jury is really out on it. Kudos to those who beleive this, but I think it is debateable.

    What may help you tremendously though is a bite plate as most jaw popping and pain is caused by clenching the jaw especially when asleep and I would ask for one or buy one of the DIY ones from the chemist. Trigger release massage may help you and you can do this yourself with a book on it from the library.

    We have the same problem here with dentists who will take Medicaid or Medicare. There is one here in a 200 mile radius and so booked up the waiting list is over a year, and this one only takes children. Private dentists abound and as some people are covered by insurance, they charge accordingly. Most people unless they have good jobs do not have dental insurance, like me. A very small root line glass filling just cost me $155, a check up is $80 (just to walk in the door)Most poorer people here walk about with roted teeth. There are a few free clinics here and there in major cities treating largely people from shelters etc., but will take others.

    The NHS dentistry used to be very good and then the dentists who had been trained completely for free, even receiving free housing grants etc from the government, got greedy when BUSPA dentists popped up. I think it is scandalous and they should all be charged for their training. Even so, what they charge is a lot less than here. Is there any dental hospital anywhere near you as they are free.

    I certainly would not be doing anything so rash as having your teeth removed. Mostly it is jaw clenching. My own jaw used to pop and was in agony like this until I got a bite plate and got used to stopping the jaw clenching. My jaw was so bad it would lock in the open position. Also, you may want to ask to see a rheumy about this. Surgery for TMJ is usually useless.

    The problem is that when we are stressed and in pain we tend to clench our jaws, so addressing this may do you more good. It sounds as if you have a sprained jaw, as I had, and yes yawning will pop it. I am so sorry. A muscle relaxer may also work.

    Love Anne Cromwell (former UK)
  3. dear anne,
    thankyou for replying to my post,and many many thanks for your advice on helping to ease the jaw pain im currently having.i will certainly look for a one of those mouth guards to wear at night.im hoping that im able to purchase one of those from the chemist,as i really do need some help with this jaw now.and it could be ages before i manage to find a nhs dentist.

    thankyou anne
    love fran
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    I don't understand why a recommendation has been made to
    remove and replace fillings? Is it bec. of the Mercury
    theory and relationship to illness?? Seems to experimental
    to be spending any of money on. Have a friend with a similar problem to yours and a trip to the Emergency Room
    and a readjustment usually takes care of the problem. Might
    try wearing a boxers mouth piece at night in case its a problem with teeth grinding.(??)

    Try to have a good weekend,
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    has not been proven, so unless you can provide absolute proof and evidence that mercury is affecting you the NHS will not fund removal of your amalgams. It's rare to have composite fillings, apart from in your front teeth, provided through the NHS even when problems with amalgams is confirmed as it was in my case many years ago.

    If there is a problem with mercury/amalgams they should be removed the right way and some form of chelation used.

    As for the jaw popping etc, as other have already pointed out, often this is due to grinding teeth, or the jaw being clenched, at night; in which case a bite guard should help. I have structural problems with my jaw and had a bite guard to treat that; I wore it 24/7, except when eating, then just at night. A dentist can provide this or you could try an OTC bite guard.

    Good luck.

    TC, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 07/29/2006]
  6. thankyou so much for your advice.i will pop to my chemist and buy one of those mouth guards.its alot clearer to me now that i wont get my fillings changed on the nhs, without proof that they are causing my illness.and as everyone ive spoken to says there is no proof the fillings are causing the ME,ill just put up with them.

    i think i was clinging at straws,we all seem to be desperate to try anything dont we,but have very limited income.

    i have quite a few fillings,and one large gold tooth at the back, that was fitted years ago on the nhs.

    many years ago i had to have a operation to have a large wisdom tooth removed ,i spent a night in hospital.i think this was in 1993,and the hospital doctor told me my jaw was very badly worn.he asked if i was having any pain with the jaw,and id said no,just pain from the wisdom tooth.

    maybe after all these years im now getting that jaw pain due to it being worn.

    at the time that the specialist told me it was worn,i laughed and said...well thats understandable and ive earned it,as ive always talked alot.i remember he looked at me in a stern way and said...im trying to be serious here.

    my doctor did say that if i return from the dentist and ive no dental decay,she will then ask the hospital to xray the jaw to see if theres any arthritis there.she said if there is,its just a case of taking anti inflamatory pills for the pain.

    thankyou all for your advice.take care

    love fran