Niacinimide and Arthritis

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    I've taken so MANY supps to treat this narley osteoarthritis but never took the now I'm going to give it a whirl.....I see Dr. David Williams likes it and I like his advice, so I'm going to give it a go:

    Although niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3) is not considered an ... and arthritic
    pain, take 250 mg every two hours for eight doses ...

    Dosing is critical and he lists suggested dosing for severity.
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    I've decided to work with 3 new weapons to help reduce arthritis pain: Niacinimide, Alfalfa and Collodial Silver in addition to other stuff I take....I shall see if I notice less pain/burning. jam
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    Hi, Jaminhealth. You might want to do some research to see if colloidal silver is safe to take everyday.

    My nutritionist told me to take it only when I had an infection because it is such a strong natural antibiotic.

    When I first feel myself coming down with something, I take Sunwarrior Immune Shield, which is colloidal silver plus fulvic minerals. I take a dose every waking hour for 2 days, and the crud I'm coming down with stops. I had never heard of it for arthritis pain.

    My pain is a good deal better from PRP prolo injections. In this kind of prolo, the injections come from the patient's own platelets. It produces a much stronger reaction than regular prolo.

    It's more expensive than regular prolo, but many people don't need as many sessions.
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    As I've read CS attacks virus/bacteria and that's what I believe is in the OA joints which are many in my body....many take CS daily as I've read many reviews. I took it years ago when I made it myself and know I was a lot better back then, I was much younger too and not dealing with the hip replacement mess...

    I know about PRP but my rheumy does only dextrose, she's not set up for PRP or stem cells. Glad you could get the PRP and that it's helping. I'm going to do probably 2 more treatments of dextrose for my right knee over the next two months and that will end up costing me about $450 totally. I know PRP is much more $$$ but I'm sticking with dextrose for now and doing more CS for OA infections.

    When I first feel myself coming down with something MAYBE, I hit myself with 2 Echineaca and that works every time.....

    Glad to hear things are better for you....I'm working toward better.....jam

    And hoping with more years, the mess from hip surgery will heal more from the damage of nerves, tissue, muscle from that traumatic surgery.....

    I am vigilent with probiotics also to keep the good flora good.
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    JK, I've read that CS has been around for 90some years....I've been doing alternative/preventative med for some 25 yrs and take very very few pharma drugs.....Pharma needs people to be "sick" so Pharma can thrive and keep their stockholders happy.

    There is a LOT of info on CS, many swear by it, take it daily, and you'll find those who want to put fear in people.... Pharma drugs are the fear in my mind/life.... The new bottle I have says 1 to 3 tsp daily and I would think that is depending on the degree of issues going on. I'm going to take 3 tsp for a while and back down to
    1 tsp and see how things go.....CS doesn't worry's the drugs that worry me. jam