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    Nickname this is one impressive herbal combination. I know it's doing a lot for the residual candida and other problems too. To be honest it's had a far more marked and obvious effect than cytolog or cellfood.

    Studies have shown Berberine

    *Exhibits broad antibacterial, antifungal, & antiprotozoal effects
    *Excellent for use with "travelers diarrhea" or acute diarrhea.
    *Has shown effectiveness with diarrhea secondary to cholera, giardiasis, & non-specific gastroenteritis.
    *Inhibits the growth of candida & other fungi without killing acidophilus, bifidus, & other beneficial gastrointestinal organisms.
    *Is helpful with infection of the mucous membranes i.e. mouth, throat, sinuses, bronchi, urinary & gastrointestinal tissue.
    *Has immune modulatory as well as its antibiotic, anti-infective effects.
    *Has anti-convulsant and sedative effects.
    *May be beneficial with cirrhosis.
    *Has blood pressure lowering effects.
    *May help with those ventricular heart irregularities caused by decreased blood supply to the heart.
    *Is used in China to treat white blood cell depression caused by chemotherapy/radiation treatments.

    Each berberine complex capsule contains

    *Barberry, Bark of Root Extract (6:1)
    (Berberis vulgaris) 200 mg
    *Oregon Grape Root Extract (6:1)
    (Berberis aquifolium) 200 mg
    *Goldenseal Root Extract (Hydrastis canadensis) 50mg
    Standardized to contain 5% total alkaloids including berberine, hydrastine and canadine.

    If you can afford it it would be a great adjunct for Three Lac. I've never found probiotics, no matter how good, to get my candida completely under control.


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    But since you brought up the subject about Berberine Complex, I have piqued interest in it..Did you experience any herxing with it or positive changes that you could share with me..

    I had, heretoofore, only known that it worked, effectively, against the "yeastie-beasties", but started to read more on it and just read your posting, above..Sounds like it could be effective against much more...Can you take this without any problems? Looks somewhat like OLE>>

    I have allergies to a lot of herbs..I was lucky I was not allergic to OLE..It seems like I have had an allergy to Goldenseal, but it has been a long time since I ingested that..have never used the other ingredients..All that I have located, contain goldenseal as one of the parts of this...but I think I need to search more on this..

    I have been reading a lot on the Adrenal Exhaustion in this new book, and it indicated that Pregnenolone or Progesterone is very important to helping the adrenals, and have usually been reported as low in people with the disorder..Are you taking either of those? I am on the Pregnenolone..It, also, gives a lot of information on the nutritional supplements, which help support good adrenal function..

    I was wondering if you had your testing done on the Myhill website, or was it a local test?

    Thanks for the information and recommendation,
    Doing much better today,
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    i know there are questions to be aaked here but i am to tired to think of them. like where to buy and company that makes etc. tansy always has good info. hope to get back to this latter. thanks tansy. hugs karen

    thanks for your your reply to another reply you gave me on cellfood.
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    you can do a search on it, and many different companies sell this..I knew that it was highly recommended for yeast, but felt that was being effectively treated with OLE for me..but it sounds like it could also be very effective in many areas as she posted above... I guess Tansy is probably asleep, now as she lives over there, across the small pond in England..

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    but want first to be sure that it only boosts the hormones that are low, I know that this is the theory but my body doesn't seem to fit into many of those. My testosterone is high, and so I do not want that raised at all even though I'm sure it was even higher years before the levels were tested. Might settle for 7 keto DHEA instead. Money-wise I really need to cut back but haven't gone far enough along the road to do so yet.

    I did my 24 hour saliva test independantly of Sarah Myhill, I used her site for reference and looked up a few others too. Thankfully Madwolf came up with suggestions based on this, so all I had to pay for was the test. Haven't looked into thyroid testing yet because I'd have to pay for the right ones privately and I'm hoping that might sort itself out.

    Having an allergy to golden seal would make berberine complex a problem, there must be somewhere that sells single herbs so that you can take the other two if you think it might help you. Maybe you should carry on with the OLE and only worry if it looses it's effect. Theoretically the lower the pathogen load and the less undigested proteins in your system, the less you will react to everything. With my history something that kills the pathogens berberine complex does is a high priority, I've still got a long way to go with my GI tract but I'm getting there.

    Yes I did get some herxing but I upped the dose slowly. Significantly my sinuses got worse, when I looked up info on fungal infections and chronic sinusitis this made sense, many of the symptoms we have are due to the body trying to eliminate pathogens and toxins.

    My plan for this treatment has been to build up to 2, 3 times a day for a month (currently on 1 X 3) then back to a maintenance dose. If at some point I can tolerate OLE and oregano oil will cycle these at a later date. Feel it has worked beyond the GI tract and sinuses so the claims for this product would seem valid.

    My order for the recommended book on Adrenal Fatigue got delayed, I reminded Amazon who told me they would sort it, still no sign so will cancel order and get one from elsewhere. I know I'm not in final stages but it's clearly become a problem in more recent years. the next challenge will be to get my brain to cooperate when I read it. It does take me so long even when I have some background knowledge.


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    is made by PhytoPharmica and it seems to be the most readily available product. I bought mine in the UK so my source will not be relevant to you.

    I first learnt about berberine complex through this board, people are so generous with their info. I looked it up and it became increasingly clear to me that this was something I should try. I have had constant battles with candida, gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, ibs +++. I felt that this was holding me back and had to be a priority. The programme I'm using is extensive but I'm making progress, still have a long way to go but for at least half the time now the whole of my GI tract is behaving normally.

    Hope this has helped.


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    Tansy - can u tell me where u get your phytopharmica berberine from - I had my eye on the enzymatic therapy one from the nutricentre - did a quick look on the net but can't readily see a uk supplier - can u let me know. It's good to try recommended products.

    Something else I must tell u 'cause I don't remember updating u. I have opted to try DHEA with pregnenalone, and growth hormone secretagogues with Dr H. I did not want to go onto the 'hard' hormones first if I could get away with something relatively more friendly. We will do this for about 3 months, and if no improvements, then it will be estradiol (I think from memeory), progesterone, hydrocortone and very possible growth hormone jabs.

    The theory behind using pregnenalone is that the individual's body will use it where required, so it will work differently for everyone. Unfortunately, the outcome cannot be predicted, so it is just a question of trying it and seeing where it ends up. I have been on DHEA before, and natural progesterone cream, but to be honest there was no real improvement. Maybe with the pregnenalone added, there may be some improvement. I start with 25mg of each which seems high but I have no hormones at all, with very bad adrenals. (Have been on 25mg dhea before so that does not bother me - the preg does though at that dose.)

    It is very difficult for Dr H to treat me because I am at the end of a phone and not face to face, but he has now set up his clinic locally to me, and I see him there in Sept. This will make things more easy if I have to go onto the hard stuff with him.

    I must also mention to u about thyroid tests. Have u been on the thyroid uk site. If not, do look it up, because u may find it useful. They are offering a comprehensive thyroid urine test which can be organised thru them. I have just had a quick squint because a friend wants to do this, but the interesting thing is that Dr H's colleague, Dr Hoerteg (SP?) has been involved in the trials of finding out whether it is best to test thyroid etc by urine or blood. He is an endocrinologist, and I was reassured to see his name. I have been very confused of late with the use of blood v urine to test thyroid and the adrenals.

    Good luck and best wishes

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    through the Nutri Centre and it was the only one listed, turned out to be this make. Lots of companies sell it under their own labels, this is the one I used and it worked. Reordered some and there's a delay so they must have had to order more in.

    Will watch your progress with pregnenalone with interest. I understand your apprehensions but you've clearly become so low that you really do need to start from scratch. Although pregnenalone is said to only encourage production of what one is low on I'm still a little wary, my testosterone is already far too high for a female and I definitely don't want any more of that. Will try 7 keto DHEA though. My cortisol and DHEA levels are not as low as yours thankfully so it should not take as much to put them right.

    Thanks for recommending the UK thyroid site, have peeped at that in the past and will keep an eye on the new test. To be honest will wait and see if I addressing other things means I won't need any thyroid replacement, have problems with iodine (allergy) so not risking kelp or similar just now.

    Pleased to learn Dr H has set up a clinic that's nearer your home, should lessen the awful aftermath of having to go and see him for a face to face consultation.

    Hope the anticandida programme goes well. Getting that under control always makes a difference to me, I react to it so I get awful symptoms and it really screws up my brain when it flares up. Can be in such a state I don't even recognise it and it takes others to point it out to me. Many don't know that it's candida they just tell me I need to see the Dr for treatment again.

    Three Lac and Berberine sound a good combo, if the cellfoood does as they claim then it should speed things up. Another synergystic combo, doing that seems to work best for me too.


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