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    Hi, I am under the care of a naturopath for 3 months now because of severe exhaustion and FM all over pain. I was desperate and this was my last resort. I am medication sensative so I cannot take due to severe dizziness. She had had tested my blood full workup and for vitamin D which I was borderline-low so I'm taking liquid D drops for 2 months and she also found through an adrenal saliva test kit, which you do at home and mail in to lab that my a.m. cortisol was way too low and my afternoon way too high, which is causing me to have difficulty sleeping also. She has given me something to help my adrenals get back into normal rhythm and so far I have been using it for 6 days and already seem to have the heavy fatigue in the a.m. right when I wake up slightly better. My own primary care didn't want to help me any further...I hope this treatment helps me as I have lumbar facet arthopathy after a back injury 3 years ago and this FM appears shortly after. I'm exhausted just going up my stairs into my home and at 41, this is emotionally and physically stressful.... At times, I forget what I was like before this DD!!! This website is great support and very educational for me.