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    Sorry, I guess I was in a fog too. You said that you were always running out of spoons. Well, I was running out of spoon too before I got the dishwasher full emough to run it.

    With the new cheap spoons I had enoough. OK?

    Another reason I like the spoons and forks is that the handles of my everyday hurt my fingers. i have OA ini my wrists and fingers and many places where I eat out have silverware that hurts! These have more rounded cheap plastic that doesn't hurt.

    I hope my brain fog was clear enough that ii made myself clear. It wouldn't be the first time i did.

    How is your memory???? I can't believe how well known names I forget!!!!!! Embarasses me sometimes!!! i can easily lose things too. I always find them but itr makes me angry that i lost it in the first place.. Familiar???

    Hope that this makes sense.

    Glad to talk to you.

    Aren't we blest that this day turned out as it did and we have no disasters in the USA or UK?

    gentle Hugs

  2. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

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