Night Owls

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    How many of you fall asleep late into the night? I do. Even with sleeping meds, the M.E & FM have put me on a night owl schedule. Sometimes I don't wake up till 3 or even 5pm! So I miss all of you nice morning people. Glad I can catch up a bit on these boards with you all.
    Sending you a hug,
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    Hi Freida, You are so funny. That was a "universal" hug. Whenever anyone comes and reads it, they get hugged. lol

    I went to sleep at 5am and woke up at 3pm. I do get solid sleep once I do fall asleep. I think my body likes nights because there is less activity, it's quieter, which my brain likes, and I think my brain thinks it owns the world at night. Nobody to interfere with what it wants. lol

    I am glad you were able to reset your "clock". That trick has not worked for me. But really, it doesn't much matter right now when I sleep since I don't really get out much. As long as I sleep I am happy. Nothing worse than not sleeping for a couple days!

    And now that it is 5pm....I think I'll have some breakfast! lol
    International Hugs,
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    I think my brain also likes nights for the quiet. I am identical in waking up at 5p.m and what everyone has described. From time to time I try to fix it by going to sleep a bit later every night to push it forward to proper time. It stays at proper time for a while then slides back.

    I think the reason that I find it hard to keep to normal hours is that:

    1) It is *impossible* not to lie down or take a nap in the middle of day activitiy with this illness. Naps always shifts night sleep.

    2) As Michele said, my brain seems to like nights and especially function better at nights because it is quieter and there is less activity.

    I was always a night owl, long before I got M.E. Even as a child I functioned better in the evening. It just got a million times worse after I got ill.
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    I was a nite owl as a child. I could never sleep on time. And now, it's rare that I get on a schedule. It always gets messed up. I'm up all nite, sleep during the day, or I sleep during the afternoon and then I'm awake at night. It's all messed up. But I feel better at night when things are quieter, and the sunlight can't hurt my eyes.
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    Dr. Cheney talks about a lot of his patients being "owls". The daytime is
    very stimulating to me.

    I had my 8am and 4pm cortisol tested. The 8am was nonexistent and you
    need it to wake up well. That has to do with the rhythm Frieda talks about.

    The only way I can wake up is to take clonazapam 1.5 mg at 9pm (generic
    klonopin). Then at 10pm take .5mg of alapralozam. Then I usually wake up
    once and I take another .5mg of alpralozam.

    I don't think many docs would order that much benzos. This is the only
    way I can be awake to have afternoons for doc/dentist appts.

    I wish it were not so.....

  6. rosemarie

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    In my teens I was the one who got my brother and little sister up and ready for school and did it all on time. It didn't bother me at all. But times must have changed my body's clock as it got harder to wake up early in the morning.

    Things in my life have changed so much. When I was a young mother and had to be at work at 7:30am I was always there on time and went to bed early, I struggled to get enough sleep to get to bed early enough to get enough sleep. I always lived with leg aches and pain in my hips. When I was working as a Dental Assistant and standing alot my legs would ache so badly by the time I got home that I wanted to cry, but I had a young daughter to care for and had to do all the things a mommy does. I slept better when we had the baffled water bed the mattress we have now is one that when I wake up my body hurts so much that I don't want to move and it is a struggle.

    As the years went on I worked more part time as my body would not wake up . I remember the years when my oldest was young and I had her to the sitters at 7 am every morning, When the two younger girls came I too got up early and went to work had them at the baby sitters at 7:15-7:45am it was a struggle for me.
    I had a hard time wakeing up to get my daughters to school when they were in their teens and pre teens. I had so many issuses with the girls as they would take advantage of Mom's unknown illness at that time. I felt that at the age of 16 my oldest should be able to get up , dressed and get to school on time, It didn't always work out that way. the middle one would crawl in bed with me and I would let her stay as I was so esxhusted.

    No one knew what fibro was or that I had it. I knew that I had old knee's but that didn't explain why I didn't sleep at night, I would try so hard to stay alseep but always woke up and had the munchies.
    I have tried taking sleep aides and they only made me have night terrors and eat while I was sleeping.

    I so wish that I had been able to get the girls to get up and go to school but that was there choice as much as mine.
    Now that the girls are all married I still don't fall alseep til two am or later and wake up any time from 9am to 3pm.

    I now take my soma before I go to sleep, in fact I take two as I don't take any all day long untill night. Some times I am so sleepy I can't walk to the bedroom and I wobble and weave all over and it upsets my hubby alot when this happens. I take my xanax 2 mg and soma and pain meds at staggered times after 10 pm. Some nights I want to go to bed and sleep but when I get in bed the bed only wakes me up with more pain as it is not the most comfy bed.

    I need to go to sleep in my bed not my chair but I will sleep where ever I can. I have found that if I wake up earlier in the am I will get sleepy around 2 pm , 5 pm and 8 pm and it is a fight to stay awake and some times I don't. I doze off and then wake my self up snoring. It is embarassing to me but I have talked to my Md about sleep apnea and he tells me that the sleep study is not covered by my insurnace so I am left up a creek with out a paddle and suffer from lack of sleep. May be one of these years I will get that sleep study done.
    Wish you all the best. Gentle hugs to all