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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by OvercomingFM, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. OvercomingFM

    OvercomingFM New Member

    I'd like to hear from anyone who battles the horrible sweating that I understand comes with FMS, and not just menopause. I don't know if it is the FMS or a toxic reaction to Tramadol. I just sweat around my face, neck and upper chest area, and it smells dirty tennis shoes or something worse. It's a terrible nuisance, and I'm sure my husband would prefer I move to the guest room. I was on another site from the UK, and heard many talking about the sweating problem. Could this be an allergic reaction to meds? Any suggestions for getting rid of the sweating?
  2. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    But as with the post above, they were only happening when I took Xyrem -- the second dose of the night ONLY. I'd wake up looking like I'd been run through a carwash. I'd wake up to myself lifting my shirt up and down, trying to fan myself!

    I can't figure out if it was just too much medicine for me, or if I was going into deep sleep where certain hormones were being produced that were not normally produced -- I still haven't figured it out!
  3. OvercomingFM

    OvercomingFM New Member

    I have been taking Lortab along with the Tramadol, but not all the time. I do it when I'm not taking the Lortab. Just never stops. It just might be the Tramadol because the odor really does smell like the bottle of Tramadol - strange as that sounds.
  4. marilynb

    marilynb New Member

    I have been having night sweats off & on now for a couple of months. That is so weird that ya'll have them too. I take Norco (hydrocodone) 10/325 4-5 a day. I have been taking a form of hydrocodone now for about 3 years so cannot relate that to mine. Wonder if its just related to the FM?
  5. OvercomingFM

    OvercomingFM New Member

    I've been taking the Tramadol since 1998, but not in high doses. It may be that the sweats started when I added the hydrocodone 10/500. It's gotten to be a joke. My kids can't hug me anymore cause it grosses them out.
  6. tammy21

    tammy21 New Member

    I have been taking Efexor-Xr and Carbamazepine. I take Tramadol when needed. I also are having hot flushes arouud the same places but during the day. I have had a blood test to see if I have menopause and it's not. the doctor said it could be the medication I am it then can only be the carbamazepine or Tramadol as I have been on them for years.

    Sorry I have no idea how to control the sweating. all the doctor said to me is if it is the meds I am better to put up with the sweating and have less pain. (not that i wanted to hear that) I also would like to hear what others do to lessen the sweats if at all possible.
  7. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I have them..They are not everynight...but I have to change my clothes..I just get drenched. The weird thing is I don't feel hot when I have it's not like a hot flash..

    I am not on any meds...and I don't think I am at the memopause stage yet..

    I have to wash my bedding all the time..Just cuz it gets so wet and gross..

    The funny thing is..It takes me forever to sweat normally..I can walk on my treadmill and hardly even sweat...but I can wake up in the night just soaked.

    I never use to do this..My husband thinks it is our down comforter..but It's to cozy for me to try anything else.

    Good luck to you..
  8. angelstarr

    angelstarr New Member

    Mine tend to come and go almost cyclic in nature. I am menopausal though had a hysterectomy 5 years ago, ovaries and all. I must say I am also on the hydrocodone and tramadol like most of you. However, I find that what has worked this time for me is EXTRA STRENGTH NEW PHASE (this is not an advertisement, just a comment of what I have found to help.) and progesterone cream about 1/2 teaspoon rubbed into my belly. along with Black cohosh. These are all menopause remedies but so far so good. I have had ALL the symptoms you all have and this month I have been night sweat free.

    THank GOD
    just my 2 cents

  9. angelstarr

    angelstarr New Member

    "hot flash type sweats during the day sometimes mostly at work. I work in a nursing home and it never fails sometimes I can just feel them coming from nowhere my face will get beet red and the aids will ask me if I am ok. I am but just warm.... it has gotten to be a joke. but the nursing home is very warm compared to normal. we keep our house at 62 degrees. I bet the home is set at 78. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

    Hope this helps someone
  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    yet normally never sweat even if i was running i don't use meds except occasional Tylenol and asprin. I think I sweat because I have foam pads on the bed maybe? Heat is set at 58 for nights.

    Love Anne
  11. ckzim

    ckzim New Member

    that it could be my meds, I take the Lortab,10/500 for break through pain and Tramadol, 4times a day 50mg.
    Was taking 100mg 3 times, but got to sleepy. I always thought it was just the menopause. I tried a cream from the local health food store called Happy replaces a certain hormone that is lost during menopause. "20 bucks later" it didn't work.
    Figures. Maybe this is why, it wasn't the menopause but the meds! But ...pain or sweating is what my question comes down to? I guess I take the sweating. Just when I thought I was almost over it all. I've been sweating for over 6 mths now. But since I lowered the dose of Tramadol, I've noticed that the sweating isn't as bad. Just a real quick hot flash, type thing, have to rip the covers off me quick. Then it passes. just never occured to me...dah!
    Thanks "overcomingfm" for the tip!
  12. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    I have had night sweats off and on for years, but they were very bad when I was on the AD Celexa a couple of years ago (before I was diagnosed with the FM).

    I was on them for about 6 months and it did help with the anxiety and depression I had at the time, but woke up literally dripping with sweat several times in the night. I remember thinking lucky I'm sleeping alone so I can move around to the "dry" spot in the bed. lol

    That is one (of several) reasons I am reluctant to take the Effexor I have, in case it affects me like that too.

    Sue in Ontario
  13. MtnDews

    MtnDews New Member

    Yes, I have them too. I can't relate them to any one drug or thing.
  14. dolphin555

    dolphin555 New Member

    i too have night sweats most nights
    where i wake up like you just hoped out of the bath so weird hey

    but then during the day i started getting hot flushed really hot like my face is on fire
    could that be menopause?

    i just turned 40

    please help
    i take about 10 panadine forte a day every day and plagnual as wel as zoloft
    thats all i can take now as all the other drugs make me really sick

    have to see the doc soon .
  15. Hope4Sofia

    Hope4Sofia New Member

    I was just going to post on this. I'm glad I saw yours first.

    I just recently started having night sweats - Crazy! It's like others have said, I'm cold but I drench myself.

    I never used to sweat at all - even when exercising.

    Now I seem to have no thermoregulation. I'm freezing cold most of the time but if I exert any energy at all I get quickly overheated. I mean, I can walk across the house and I'm hot.

    I don't know what causes this. I don't think it's meds although I do think Cymbalta causes me to have hot flashes but those are different.

  16. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    However, mine can be any time of day or night. My face and neck turn really red and my head becomes soaked. It's very embarrassing.

    Happens mostly when I am really physically active and I've had a lot of comments about the problem from others, especially my 84 y.o. mom who always worries about everything that happens to me.

    I've also noted odor like dirty gym shoes as well when I've had these episodes. Just the medication as far as the odor, I take a myriad of meds. The sweating, I think, has more to do with hormonal influences from a stressor - at least as far as my problem goes. Definitely, it's not just hot flashing that I've experienced.

  17. ayhatch

    ayhatch New Member

    I just started wondering about this, too.
    I don't take the meds most people think they sweat on. I take Cymablta, Lodine, Salagen. I normally don't sweat either. (This is my Sjogren's.) But the last few nights I've noticed my chest and legs getting clamy/sweaty. I have been using an elec. blanket, too...but I have been for awhile. So why sweating now in the last few days?
    I wonder if it's relatd to my menses cycle?
    Well, I'm not going to turn on my blanket tonight and see what happens.
  18. Rnclegal

    Rnclegal New Member

    Ive had night sweats a couple of years now but since my Fibro/ME have become so bad that I had to retire on disability Im so wet at night I have to get up and change my shirt, sometimes twice a night. I dont sleep under the covers even with the furnace off and just a cape over me. I moved to California 15 years ago, before I was diagnosed because I couldnt stand the cold in Canada. Now, even the mild heat here in San Diego drives me out of my the fact that I have a hard time caring for myself so I rely heavily on baby wipes for my hygiene rather than showering ( terrible so say but I can only stand to shower about every 3 weeks, its so hard). Luckily I live alone except for my dog who hasnt verbally complained.... yet. My life has never been quite so bad as it has been in the last two years but Im trying to persevere and my daughter has a prayer group working hard for me.

  19. OvercomingFM

    OvercomingFM New Member

    I know what you mean about the face burning up. It's either rosacia for me, or it's hot flashes (I'm 51) or it's this same FM thing. Haven't got a clue. Wish a doctor could read all of these entries and post an answer!
    I originally posted this topic last year and here we are a year later with more and more people.
    I don't know that yours would be menopause unless you have early menopause in your family. Could be, but that usally happens closer to 50.
  20. OvercomingFM

    OvercomingFM New Member

    I've had a wild winter, putting my handicapped son on the school bus in the mornings. It can be 20 degrees outside, and yet I will have sweat pouring off of my face while my son goes up the steps of the bus. My hair will be soaked and stuck to my head. It is a real sight. The bus drivers think it's funny. My shirt will be totally wet from the collar down to the chest area, front/back/sides. And it all smells like dirty tennis shoes. Horrible, just horrible. I've gotten used to it. My famiy is grossed out, and I feel like a bum who never bathes - e even though I do every other day or so.

    This past year has been the worst so far for me with the FMS/CFS. I have had weeks at a time where I cannot get out of bed. Nothing gets done. And the lethargy that comes with it is frightening. I have never been one to "let things go." But, I have had no energy, motivation encouragement to do anything. Because of my son's behavioral problems, my husband and I can never go out anywhere because we can't get child care. That makes the whole situation much worse. Seems to have no hope. But I have faith that some day, I will be free from this condition.

    Anyone else gotten to this point???? I am 51 with 3 children (16, 15 and 11 with cerebral palsy/austism).

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