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  1. sixtyslady

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    does anyone else have night sweats? they are just driving me crazy,wake me up and then I can"t get back to top is just wet and my sheets feel hot where I lay. I just don"t know what to do.if I turn the a/c up anymore it will be freezing in the house.
    Early this summer I was cold and everyone thought I was losing it. Just wish I could get comfortable at night.
  2. mbofov

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    I get night sweats when I'm sick - they usually happen the night before I start to get better. I think they're my body's version of a fever, which I don't seem to run any more. But I will get a night sweat, and in the morning start to feel better from some bug I've been fighting.

    Have you had your hormone levels tested? They could be hormone-related. I take natural forms of estradiol and progesterone because I couldn't handle any hormone-related insomnia or night sweats on top of everything else.

    I use estradiol (pill form) and a natural progesterone cream, both are supposed to be bioidentical to what our bodies produce. You may want to look into this.

    Good luck --

  3. colorfulcolorado

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    Yes, I have them but I'm going thru the change. But my husband has them every now and then and he hates them. Now he knows what all woman go thru! My Mother when she was alive had them until the day she passed at 73. My Mother in law has them too and she just turned 70. So, in my personal opinion we will always have them. My air is on all the time to and it was only in the low 80's today. I love winter! But hate the pain. Good luck to you!
  4. Crispangel66

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    I have them every single night. Well mostly during the summer but also have some problems during the winter too.
    I hate it, it makes you feel nasty like you need a shower in cold water. The way I get sticky between my legs I have to put a cool pillow between my legs, you can get them at Family Dollar and they are cooler than any other pillow I have found. I also use a different cover on my side of the bed that is cooler than any other. My hubby is comfortable with regular covers so I just keep my stuff on my side of the bed. He will buy me anything I think will help me. He is so sweet. I have found another pillow that is bigger than the one I have made of the same material it is more like a body pillow, which will help my back too with it being bigger, I found it at the same place I found the other one I can hardly wait to get it but as most of you we live paycheck to paycheck. It will help alot, I also have a small fan pointed at me while I am sleeping. I know there are also meds that can help if you are going through menopause. In fact I am going to my dr tomarrow and plan to ask her if she could put me on something for that and depression. Sorry this was so long, I didn;t mean for it to be, I just wanted to help you. Gentle Hugs Crispangel
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    now last night I didn"t sweat but I moved my fan to point a different way not right on me,but up off the floor and I think it helped moved the air in the room.
    I"ve been thru menopause for 10 yrs now,but you know now that I think about it I"ll get a hot flash in the day time once in awhile.I had a doctor tell me along time ago that because I"m over weight I have more estrogen.I tried to take hormones when I first went into the change,it was awlful felt just like I did the first 3 months of being pregnant.
    maybe when fall comes I"ll stop the night sweats.
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    As Mary said, I get them when I am sick and they seem to be my current form of fever. they are followed by the chill-sweats. just had theose last week, ended up in my flannel PJ's.

    But i also get them sometimes out of the blue. I found the cotton/polyester blend sheets help me more than pure cotton. One night I laid on a linen table runner - it was the only thing that "stayed cool." I also have a fan on at night - but not blowing right on me.

    Crispangel - you said you use a different cover on your side of the bed - what do you use? And a "cool pillow" - is that the name?? I'd like to look into that. Could you give some more information?

    Oh, I am past-menopause, but overweight. However, sweats did not become a problem till CFS set in. Just one more thing to disturb our sleep, i guess!

  7. frango2

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    tick borne illnesses and common Lyme co-infections. Both affect the red blood cells and cause sweats, chills. Actually, I think vector borne is a better description since these are caused not just by tick bites.

    I had this problem but after treating these two co-infections it is much better.

    I am not trying to stir the pot here... just saw this post and thought I would post what helped for me.

    BTW, I didn't test positive for either of these co-infections since again, testing is unreliable. But, I had all the symptoms, treated them, and now the sweats, chills, shortness of breath, and palpitations are better.

    I know these things can often be associated with peri-menopause. I was too young when this started and my hormone levels looked fine plus I knew I had Lyme so I went that direction.
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  8. Kryssie

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    I have horrible night sweats. My thyroid is ok, nothing seems to be out of whack and I think Im too young to be going through menopause!

    I have found that if I can drink a medium sized cup of juice before bed, it rarely happens! I think it is something to do with my blood sugar. Its aggravating tho & I hate it.. my bf complains when he stays with me. He comes to bed late and always says I am very hot to the touch & sweating like a pig but I feel cold :(
  9. thecatswhiskers

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    How did you treat the Bartonella? I have tested positive for that, and possibly ehrlichia. Dreading the antibiotics as I have reacted BADLY to them in the past :(