night terrors and fm a connection?

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    hi i have suffered from fm for eighteen months and last year when the condition was very bad something very strange started to happen.I began to bolt awake only seconds after finding sleep.but before i would properly wake i would always feel the senation of someting touching me once i thought a cat had licked my face.i had had nightmares before but this was very diffrent as i would always seem to experince this senation when my eyes were open and i seemed awake... It was all very confusing and very hard to explain but i was sure there was an explanation.At first i blamed all the meds I was on, but months later when i no longer dependent on meds it continued.It was then that i saw a pattern it seemed it occured when the pain was very bad.It wasnt until two months ago when i was watching a fictional film about a person suffering from a condition called "night terrors" that i began to kow was not really explained in the film so curious i looked up the condition on the net.I was amazed by what a found although the condition can be very servere and can occour simply on its own, the site i went to also said that it can be found in people suffering from illness's which cause them to only reach stage four sleep and never properly enter deep dreamless sleep.Fm was not named but it does fall under this heading .I posted this message so that anyone else who finds themself suffering from this strange occurence will be better informed. Although i still can not be sure if there is a connection i would really like to know if anyone else has experinced this this strange sleep disorder since they devloped fm.thanks.
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    mine is a little different. When I have a relapse, I can never sleep without having the most horrific nightmares the entire time I'm asleep! The nightmares don't cause me to jump awake, though. But All of a sudden, not from a nigtmare, I'll suddenly open my eyes, I'll be having a very very fast heartbeat as if someone just scared the you know what out of me, it IS A TERROR feeling, the worst scared feeling I've had except for Panic attacks. It's like suddenly having a panic attack in your sleep and waking up at the same time the panic attack starts. I often times cannot figure out where I am for a long time and am totally confused. It has do to with my head feeling like I'm going insane, and nauseous, and just frightened so badly. As if an intruder had suddenly broken down the door in the middle of your sleep and startled you very badly. Feels like I could have a heart attack or something.

    I believe it has to do with how pesticides and other things make my "brain" and body "toxic" and injures, a neurotoxicitym but I don't know. ANd I heard lots of mam-made chemicals can reduce serotonin drastically in the brain.

    When I'm not in relapse and feeling a little better, I never have this and I don't have the severe nightmares. Now I sleep with the TV on loud so I don't sleep too long with too many nightmares.

    Thanks for sharing this! I'm gonna ask the doctor about this - but I don't want some weird medicine that's gonna give me even more weird side effects. I just want to know what she things causes it.
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    Bolting awake in a sweat, heart pounding, aching all over. Sometimes I'd jump out of bed, disoriented and confused, still upset or freaked by the nightmares. A few other times I'd have the feeling that something's jumping on my bed, like my cat, even when I know the bedroom door is shut and the cat isn't in the room. In those cases it's a slight feeling of paralysis, like not being able to wake from that sensation at first, too tired to figure out what it is. Most of the time, I bolt awake with a pressure headache feeling like my forehead/head is swelling. Of course this all interfers with "good" sleep, and leaves me sore and stiff and fatigued the next day.

    Recently it seems to be getting better for me. I did a diet change, excluding a lot of sugar and meats other than fish. Lots of whole grains, veggies, fruits. And my doctor gave me an anti-anxiety sleep aid and muscle relaxers. Oddly enough, one of the best things I got was a hypnosis CD on sleeping deeply, that seems to work even better than the anti-anxiety meds. I've been able to fall asleep with no pills at all, and wake feeling refreshed without recalling the usual disturbing dreams.

    True sleep definitely helps ease my fibro pain the next day.

    Hope you can get your terrors under control!