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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by razorqueen, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. razorqueen

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    Hi everyone!

    Those of you who know who I am know that I am having major problems with insomnia. I am taking 1 1/2 tabs of 7.5mgs of zopiclone, which helps put me to sleep, but doesn't keep me sleeping, not by a LONG shot!

    Any ways, since this has gotten so bad I've had an added problem of compulsive eating when I wake up. I don't have a problem with this during the day at all, but when I wake up during the night I HAVE to eat something! I really HATE this! ITs like I can't control it. I try to eat some fruit or somthing more healthy, but not always.

    Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do about it?
  2. Scapper

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    I remember your posts regarding insomnia. I was right there behind you on all of them :)

    I know that one of my medications increases my hunger tremendously. Could your medication be adding to this hunger?

    My hunger comes before I go to sleep. I try to eat something without sugar, not even fruit, since the sugar will only add to your insomnia. I try to eat something half way healthy.

    BTW, I started taking L-tryptophan for sleep and it's been helping w/ the onset and I'm sleeping a little better, which is a miracle in itself for me. Just thought you might want to try it since this insomnia can drive you crazy.

    I wish I had a simple solution for you. I do the best I can w/ a contained healthy snack. Can't say it always works and I'm not hitting the frig at all hours of the night.....but it's not every night like it used to be.

    Try a light carbohydrate snack, even set it aside so you will only eat that. I've tried not eating at all and it only makes me not able to fall asleep at all, so I work with it.

    Hope this helps. Please post back if you try the L-tryptophan, I'm curious if this would help you and then you don't have to worry about waking.

  3. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    I have tried l-tryptophan before. I made me very nauseated. I was wondering about 5htp, but I am effexor, and am weaning off of it. I am at 150 mgs right now, for 1 wk and then go down 37.5mgs. So far so good. I was at 225mgs.
    Boy, I've been trying to eat fruit at night! It seems to be a sugar thing I want to eat. I told my hubby not to bring home ANY candy or anything like that, or I will be eating it at night. I am always consious of my eating and always remember in the mornings. I did mention it to my dr but he never said anything.
  4. rosemarie

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    I don' t fall alseep very fast and it seems like I have just fallen alseep and I am awake again and have the munchies. Not hungry but I want to eat. Sometimes some crackers saltines and some milk will do the trick and when I am really bad I want Ben& Jerry's choc mint cookie ice cream, I don't eat a whole lot of it and when I want it I will only have a few teaspoons of it and I am satified. I started eating at night when I was not sleeping due to stress and I can't stop it now. But I am limiting the amount of what I will eat. And I try to have a glass of cold water and mosttimes it will work for me and I can go back to sleep.

    But this eating at night is hard to lose some weight which I really need to do. And this munchies are worse to night as i have a sore throat and am on antibotics and they seem to make me feel hungry when I know I am not.
    Really need to NOT eat late at night.

  5. Scapper

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    Hi -- sorry the l-tryptophan did not agree with you. It irritated my stomach at first but I stuck with it out of desperation.

    Weren't you weaning off of klonopin a while back too? Or am I thinking of someone else?

    As far as food, try the carbohydrate snack and see if this helps. Maybe some whole grain toast. I know, very boring but it may help the cravings and it won't keep you up all night like sugar.

    Let us know how you do. Every night is a new adventure with me and sleep (or lack thereof :)

    Hang in there.

  6. wildflowers2

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    Hi, I know what you are saying. I too have nite time eating syndrome.

    I just found out it was caused by using a sleep aid

    Ambien. ( I think they are in a lawsuit now with that)

    anyway my Dr and I traced it back to when my dad died and
    I started the darn pills. That was from the year 1997.

    which I gave myself GERD from it and a hiatail hernia from the darn eating at nite

    What they prescribe is Xyrem .

    I had my first none eating nite last night in years.

    I guess I have been running ragged as my husband is ill and
    I have to get up at 4am to get his meds ready for his IV's I have to give him twice a day. It was either learn how to do the IV's or put him in a nursing home for 6 weeks.

    **OH one more thing IF you ever used ZOLOFT that can cause you NOT toget a good nited sleep either.

    I bagged mine I was taking over a month ago an I am sleeping much better.( I was taking if for depression and fibro only 12mg)

    Shhhhhhhhhhh......I am not telling the Doctors as then
    they will say I am not following their orders.

    As for the depression....who wouldnt be depressed IF they didnt have a job, long term disability was fighting you tooth and nail, you havent had ANY money comming in since last Sept.

    your husband was at deaths door several times this year. and he has no short term disability and we need the money for health insurance. and mother in law needs to go into an assisant living housing.

    There is a group on yahoo on night time eating syndrome


    good luck

  7. razorqueen

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    thanks for responding! That was a goof in my typing about weaning off 150mg down to 37.5mgs in one week. I meant to say 37.5 mg per week! duh me, must be the fibro fog!
    I was having this eating problem before I started taking zopiclone. Yes, I am the one who is weaning off the clonzapam. I am taking approx. .0625 mgs in the morning and .125 mgs at bedtime. Gotta take this one slow. It was okay till I went down to .125 and then I started having withdrawl, so I had to go back up to .250, just broke it up to am and pm.
    I guess I will have to go get some whole grain bread and try that istead.

    Thanks everyone!

  8. kimfibro

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    i've got the same problem....i posted on it a few weeks ago. i KNOW what i am NOT to do; i KNOW i SHOULDN'T be eating like that (and, yes, nighttime is the dilemma for me); and i KNOW what should take the place of anything not at least on the healthy side.

    i get SO MUCH WORSE during pms time....awful. but throughout the month i still find myself sifting thru the kitchen...

    we've all got stresses. and i surely have my share right now. i do take lexapro. now all i need to do is FIGURE OUT WHY this happens and with such NEED during the night!!

    sorry no advice. when i posted a few weeks ago i asked for opinions and advice there as well. :(
  9. marta

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    Mmmmmmm, don't we all know that feeling of Gotta EAT!

    Razorqueen, this is just a guess and it certainly could be from a med, but I hear two things. One, that your body is trying to get energy so you can be awake "if that's what you want to do" (what does it know?), and that you might be eating out of frustration.

    And Scrapper, if you ate a reasonable amount of good food low in sugar for dinner, a little piece of fruit or a small handful of walnuts would probably take care of before-bed hunger. Except at night we're tired and our needs for comfort are full blown.

    We use food for all sorts of things besides hunger. We might even companion outself with food in the wee hours of the night. When I did that in the late afternoon, I learned to ask myself "If I could have anything I wanted right now, what would it be?" It wasn't food, it was to have someone pamper me just a little. Thus, food.

    You think?