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    I caught your post on froggyfog's rheumy visit post. I read about your horrible experiences.
    If your living in an area accessible to Johns Hopkins, then you probably could see my neurologist, Dr. Dean Tippett in Catonsville, MD He is terrific.

    You may wait, but that it is because he is the most thorough
    doctor I have ever been to. He discusses everything and ignores nothing. My first visit, he spent an hour and half with me. If you suggest a drug, or have a question about one, he will stop look it up on the internet right then and there and talk about it. He even keeps a list of all my medications-daily prescriptions and supplements, and all my as needed medications, along with their dosages, there purpose in my treatment and which of my doctors prescribed them. This gets faxed to a list of my doctors after every appt. and I get my copy. He treats me for migraines, and restless leg/periodic limb movement and is montitoring some neuropathy and tremor issues.

    I, also, have a good rheumatologist, Dr.Mond who has offices in Columbia and Pikesville.

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    for thinking of me. Funny thing, the Neurologist I am going to at JOhns Hopkins name is Paul Dash! Maybe a good omen?
    I just got referred back to my very first neuro for the migrianes though, I will have to see how that goes. Does your neuro do pain meds for your fibro. My last one was so confused with me, I think I scared him! He had me trying stuff, but ultram is as far as I have been.Oh he did give me phreneline I think spelt wrong but haven't had much pain from head lately. My leg is killing me now, and just went to my oldest rheumy, so I guess I can't jump again so soon. But I will keep his name on paper near by in my journal, cause this is a long road. Funny thing too, just had a bad experience with rheumy in catonsville, and I live far away near Crofton so you can imagine the terror of having to drive way up there on a big highway with trucks all around me. yea, I hate to drive far away. But I am so desperate I am driving myself to far off places LOL I mean I had to write the directions on a piece of paper with black magic marker real big from map quest.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I will also see if he is working with my insurance. Bless your heart! My husband is going to JH with me I don't think I can make it thru the city!
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    Bumpity Bump
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