~ Nightfall ~

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    ~ Nightfall ~

    I sit and watch, from my window,
    As the stars come out at night;
    Sparkling against a dark velvet sky,
    Filling the world with light.

    I sit and watch, and I wonder,
    "How can this miracle be?"
    The light from the sun has gone.
    Then, this magic performance we see.

    Somewhere, high in the Heavens,
    God's hand is changing the view.
    I bow to His mighty power,
    The wondrous things He can do.

    I sit and watch from my window.
    God's beautiful work I survey.
    My soul is touched by His presence,
    When night welcomes the end of the day.

    © 2002 by Marian Jones
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    Have a good peaceful night! Love and huggs, Selma