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    I am having an anxiety every night when I go to bed. I feel as if I am suffocating, and I break out in a sweat. I have to get out of bed. Sometimes just walking around will help it, but then it takes forever to get to sleep. I take my sleep meds about an hour before I go to bed. Any ideas?
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    Is it possible that your meds are causing this anxiety or maybe affecting your breathing? Just a thought.

    hugs Redwillow
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    Ask your doctor for Restoril 15 mg. I take it and the anxiety has disappeared, and I sleep now.

    Restoril has a very low incidence of tolerance, however I still alternate every few weeks to Ambien. My doctor told me the sleep clinics have patients rotate like that.

    I am amazed how Restoril helped my sleep and the anxiety disappeared. Each day I was better and better.

    Restoril is in the Benzo family but is longer acting and from all I read a pretty good drug. I still rotate though every few weeks.

    When you take it for sleep you don't fall asleep right away. I take it a 10pm and it takes a couple of hours to get sleepy. I guess I could take it earlier..

    Oh, one last thing - try adding a over the counter sleep aid with your sleep med. It is the same as Benadryl 25 mg. In the past I took it with the Restoril with no problem.

    I also took it with Ambien.
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    We all seem to react to stuff in different ways...some sleep stuff keeps me awake...(and some foods) you need to get your doc to work with you for what will suit you.
    take care
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    You may also want to check your bedding and laundry detergent.

    You might be having an allergy reaction which is triggering the anxiety.

    I recently discovered that the free & clear allergist recommended laundry detergent that I was using was causing some aggitation/discomfort/anxiety/irritation when I got into bed. Also, fabric softeners are full of bad chemicals and they may be contributing to the problem.