Nightly leg cramps

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by onset1990, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. onset1990

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    I am so happy to tell you this. I wanted to let you guys know what has stopped my awful leg cramps.

    I have posted and read here before trying to find some help. Since I got CFS/FM I have been suffering very bad leg and foot cramps every night, sometimes so bad that I thought I couldn't bear it. Spasms that sent my foot pointed straight down and rock-hard, my big toe sticks straight up, and different leg muscles lock into cramps that I could not break for several minutes. Sometimes they would last as long as 30 minutes before I got them to calm down enough to go back to sleep (putting an ice pack on my lumbar area helped calm the leg nerves). After the cramps my legs were like jelly, popping muscles and jiggling nerve feelings. I have been blaming these cramps on my lumbar nerve compression.

    I have told every doctor about these cramps and there was never any advice but yet another drug to try.

    Early this year my cardiologist listened to me describe the cramps. He looked thoughtful and told me to take 800 IU Vitamin E right at bedtime. I thought he was nuts. If Vit E stopped leg cramps, why hadn't I heard about it on the web? I have researched everywhere.

    So I looked up Vit E and got a little unnerved by the fact that you can take too much (>1,000 IU isn't recommended) and I have been nervous about taking 800 IU so I have been taking 400 every night. The Vit E worked right away, within a couple days even at the lower dose. I wasn't having nightly cramps any more, only an occasional one. I have been taking this dose-400- for a few months now and have only had minor leg issues occasionally but none of those killer cramps.

    I told the doctor last week about my transformation and said I wanted to know why in the world this works? He said they don't know, but that Vit E was found accidentally to relieve leg cramps. Ok well, that's good enough for me. I will never stop taking this supplement, ever again.

    By the way, I had always taken a multiple vitamin but that never helped. And I have to take the Vit E right when I get in bed. I also had trouble with Vit E in soybean oil. It made me sick. I take Vit E in safflower oil. It's easier on my stomach.

    Good luck to those of you who try it. These cramps were ruining my life.
  2. jen_miester27

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    hi...i just read your message about the vitamin E for leg cramps. that is interesting. i have the same problem...the pain is excruciating at night. i have been taking lortab for the pain....but sometimes it takes so long to kick in, and i almost cannot take the pain. i will definitly try the vitamin E, i am open to any ideas, just want to get rid of the pain!

    sorry you are having to go through this horrible pain as well!
  3. GeminiMoon

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    I take Malic Acid (contains magnesium) that has not only relieved my leg cramps but has also taken care of the stiffness in my hands from arthritis.

    My 85 yr old aunt was having terrible leg cramps also and I got her a drink mix called Calm that contains magnesium. Her leg cramps are completely gone.

  4. Saoirse3

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    I used to get leg cramps so bad, I would wake up sobbing and screeching in pain, trying to "walk it off" and falling flat on the floor. Then a friend told me to take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, followed by a big glass of ice water. It works in about a minute, sometimes less. Balsamic vinegar works too, but the good old Heinz vinegar is the best. NOT for people with heartburn or stomach issues, but for rapid relief, this works!
  5. Spacey

    Spacey Member

    I am going to get some and try it. Thanks for the info. Spacey
  6. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    Awesome that vit E worked! WOO!

    I also second the recommendation about magnesium, that helped me A TON. Also movement and stretching .... even if exercise won't work for you (yet), just walking or moving your legs around during the day as much as you can, and stretching them out and massaging will improve circulation and their ability to relax.

    Movement is really key, gradually increasing over time!

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