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    Several years ago before I realized something was wrong with my body... FMS
    I was experienceing excruciating pain during lovemaking with my husband, this later escillated to sharp knife like pain shooting thru my right lower abdomen, twisting and then was gone again.. I could wake up out of a sound sleep with this pain or it could double me over any time during the day.
    I went to doctor after doctor at my local kaiser hospital... never saw the same one twice! Anyway, I was told that it was adhesions from a ruptured apendix surgery a couple of years earlier and that I would have to live with the pain. The more I complained and asked to see the gynecologist the more I was told that I would have to just live with it... finally I got my appointment... over a year away!!!
    I cancelled my Kaiser and got another insurance, the new doctor asked if I had ever had an ultrasound done which was of course never dont... We were both shocked when she found a large tumor on my right ovary!!! I was scheduled for surgery 2 days later and the pain has never come back!!!
    That taught me the power of persistance!!!
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    Considering that lots of doctors can't even treat "regular" illnesses like obvious tumors, is it really a surprise that they have no help for us?
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    That is an amazing story yet somehow I'm not surprised at all. I can't even remember when my Doc last did any type of physical exam. (Yet my records show that he did)

    I went to the ob for about 15 years with horrible periods, neverending etc....until I finally got a female doc who dx me as being scarred shut 5 minutes after the exam started.

    It really shouldn't be this hard to find proper medical care.


    Nancy B
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    What a horrible, scary experience. I'm so glad you are pain free. I understand what you're going through. I have a pelvic US scheduled for November because of painful periods. The last one felt like I was in labor.