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  1. I live in northwest Florida near the coast, and right now, tropical storm, Issac, is expected to become a category 2 hurricane. Most of the models have the track heading straight for us.

    The last time we had to evacuate and travel hours by car, was in 2004 for hurricane Ivan, before my ME/CFS was as bad as it is now.... and that was difficult enough. It wound up being a nightmare that took such a toll on me way back THEN, that I am very concerned about this situation.

    My condition has been in a flare, and now I'm faced with trying to prepare for a hurricane, while also needing to pack for leaving town. At this point, I don't even know where the best place to go to get out of the effects of the storm.

    What complicates matters, is that my husband has to stay behind because his position at a local hospital requires him too... he has no choice... it's mandatory. So you can see why I need prayer. I was already struggling physically.... don't know how this is going to work out.

    Back in 2004, my husband"s job didn't require that he stay, so we all evacuated together with other family members. But it took us 11 hours to travel only 4 hours away because the interstate turned into a parking lot with so many cars leaving at once. By the time we reached our destination, I was in such bad shape, it was torture for days (and that was even with my husband doing most of the driving!) And there was so much damage in our town from the storm, we couldn't return for a week after the storm hit. I'm praying for a miracle, because I can't imagine going through that again in my current condition, which is far worse now.

    I need to try to leave early enough to beat the mass evacuation, but if my other family members can't leave early enough, I will be forced to set out on my own with my 11 year old... and really don't know how I can do that. So please pray for me (and all of us living on the gulf coast)! Thanks so much!

    God Bless,
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    Hi, Shel.

    You got it.

  3. Thanks so much, Rich! God bless you!

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    Thoughts and prayers going up for you and your family - take care -

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    You have my thoughts and prayers! Even though I live in Alaska now, I used to live in NC and have been through hurricanes before. I would say come up here, but I know that a 14 hour flight is about the last thing you need! But just know that I would take care of you and your child ANY time you needed help! Sending Alaska sized hugs and prayers your way!

    Soft hugs,
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    I live in Louisiana and can understand how scary it can be with hurricanes . . . especially when you have to evacuate without all your family members. I don't, however, know how it would be to have to evacuate alone with a young child.

    Hang in there, and be sure and keep us posted.

    Praying for the storm to fizzle out some (actually a lot) before it hits the Gulf Coast and that you and your family stay safe. Also, praying for strength and courage for you during this time.


  7. Thanks sooo much, everyone! The hardest thing right now is trying to decide WHICH WAY to go, based on the storms track. Stacey, I would LOVE to come to Alaska (always has been one of my and my son's dreams to visit there), but you're right... too far away for me right now. But thanks SO MUCH for the kind offer!

    We have family in New Orleans and thought we could go there when the track looked like a more easterly track. But now, it looks like that won't work out with the storm's current track. If we go north (which most people do), once the hurricane makes landfall, it usually hangs a right and starts moving northeast... so, even though it loses strength when it hits land, we don't want to have to deal with the possible severe weather it would bring. So now we're having to make a couple reservations for hotels going eastward. Its a waiting and guessing game though. Never easy! (Uugghh!) But I'm looking to the Lord for guidance.

    But thanks so much, everyone for your prayers and thoughtful suggestions! I LOVE this board! You are ALL such blessings! I will keep you posted! Thanks again and God bless each of you!

    Blessings and Hugs,
  8. Sorry I was unable to keep you posted as I'd hoped. I did wind up leaving with my daughter and son. Even though it looked like Isaac probably wasn't going to be a major threat to our area, I had to err on the side of caution since my body handles heat so poorly now and there was a chance of losing power for a while. Unfortunately, as my ME has progressed, I have trouble breathing, like an asthma attack, when I get overheated, and it doesn't take much for me to get overheated. (Does anybody else have this problem?) We went only 3 hours away to Tallahassee, but it still took a toll on my condition. We had to leave later than we had hoped because my daughter got held up at her college, which was still having classes that day even though they were in the zone for possible effects from Isaac.

    We did stay in a hotel. I just wasn't doing well at all while there and I was trying to find out how my family was doing in New Orleans, Slidell and Mandeville and watching the Weather Channel the whole time. Thankfully, our area wasn't really affected much, with the exception of some storm surge on the beaches.

    Then when we got back two days later, I was trying to recuperate and was anticipating my oldest son coming into town for a visit just two days after that. I don't know why, but things always seem to "cluster" like that when it comes to demands on my system. I had been so looking forward to my son coming home since he lives soooo far away with the Air Force... although with some trepidation because of my limitations. But having the storm thrown in there the very same week made it even more difficult, since I always try to push my body beyond its limits when any of my kids come into town (especially because my oldest lives in Hawaii and rarely gets to come home)... although what I am able to do physically now is much less than even a year ago (DD!). So I really didn't have much chance to recuperate before I was having to push for my son's visit. He was only here for three days, but it did drain me physically. So I've been trying to "lay low" and allow my body to recuperate as much as possible.

    But I wanted to at least follow up with you since you were each so kind to send me your prayers and thoughtful suggestions! Thanks again for caring! You guys are the BEST! God bless each of you!

    Blessings and Soft Hugs,
    Shel :)
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    Hi, Shel.

    Glad you're doing O.K. Hope you get rested back up soon.


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