Nightmares and other fun things that happen when you're sleeping

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    I think my dr. is only planning to do a blood test.

    I will consider what you suggested and the saliva test. As I believe high cortisols may be a very problem with me.

    Thanks again, to all of you. I so appreciate the responses.

    Love & Soft Hugs to all ........... and many Sweet & HAPPY dreams to all who are able to sleep.
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    although years ago, before I even had sleep problems, I remembered this one dream in particular. It was like a movie and when I lay down for a nap the next afternoon I went back into that dream and it carried on. I had to write it down because this went on for a couple of nights and days. I still think about writing it in a novel form.....maybe a movie.
    I've also had those dreams where I'm dreaming and wake up and do something, but find that it was actually a dream the entire time. Weird how our brains work.

    I took ambien years ago....cut the original one into thirds as it was too strong for me. I had terrible hang overs the next day though and after about 6 months I quit.

    A few years ago I saw an integrative doctor who ordered a hormone evaluation from ZRT labs in Beaverton, Oregon. A lady from another board orders her thyroid tests direct from them also. The hormone test also included a 4 time saliva test for adrenal fatigue. I'm actually thinking of ordering it again on my own to test my cortisol levels. The doctor got back a very complete written review which I have a copy of.
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    I hope you did see my last post to you on this string.