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  1. Hawkeye

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    I have been having really HEAVY horrible nightmares within the first half hour of falling asleep. Basicly night terrors they usually involve someone breaking in my house or ghost figures that are taking to me in my house. I just went to Camp Lejeune to visit my son who is in the Marine Corp and it still went on during my stay in my motel. Has anyone ever experienced this? I have never had nightmares in my life. I am not on any new medications, no new stress, nothing horrid happening to me at all. It is really messing with my sleep pattern because they are so real and so frightening that when I do finally get woke up I am so shook up I can't fall back to sleep.

  2. WhoSaid

    WhoSaid New Member

    I don't have any nightmares that I remember but I have had a couple recent times when I have done a little sleepwalking. I don't remember much about it at all just know what I was told that I did. Both times I said I was hallucinating.

    I know that wasn't any help at all. I will tell you that I told my son to try and remember that dreams are like watching t.v. only you are sleeping. Nothing can hurt you in a dream. It seemed to help him.

  3. shari1677

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    ALL THE TIME. Even when I take short naps, I have them. I wake up screaming. Or, I kick and punch in my sleep, then wake up screaming. It happens more often than not and it seems very real just as you said.

    My medications have not changed. I just assumed it was part of FM. I have yet to find a way to deal with it.
  4. Engel

    Engel New Member

    Yes Karen, I have dealt with this forever. I remember having this as a child. I am 55 now.

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