Nightmarish dreams. Also, Anyone Get This Calif. Stomach Flu?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. joeb7th

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    I caught what some are describing as the California stomach flu. Now my daughter and wife have it as well. Many I have talk to said that this was one of the most potent and horrible flus they can recall. Lasting up to two weeks or more with the first few days being hit so hard with diarreah, vomiting, fever, bone ache, incredible weakness and feeling like you could die.

    The third day the worst symptoms subside ( you don't have anything left to throw up ) but then for days afterwards the rest of your body feels like you are still sick and you are sweating and chilled and so weak it's scary.

    One lady at the store ( I had to go get my wife and daughter 7 UP and Thermometer strips and such ) said her doctor gave her the 5 pack antibiotic treatment ??? Antibioitcs for a stomach flu? Confusing. But she said she got over this whatever it is. Anybody here from California and know of this death feeling stomach thing? I hear it hit the midwest earlier? What is this thing? I'm in my 5th day and still feel so sick, weak and not right I am afraid to leave the house!

    Also, please, somebody tell me what THIS was all about?

    Last night I fell asleep from 12AM to 4:30 am. No problem. Then about 5:30 am I fell asleep again and right before I awoke at about 7:00 am I had a series of short film like dreams that were like an acid trip I imagine. The most bizaare and scary things you can imagine!

    I have never taken acid in my life ( over 50 ) but from what I remember seeing in films depicting it's use...that's the closest I can come to describing this 5,6 or 7 episodal dream sequence.
    Each one I would be in a different place. One was black and white. Running in a big decrepid city and down the high building side streets it was almost pitch black then a flashlight type light would eluminate an old poorly dressed black man like from another era? Another a framed picture was on the wall and strange things were oozing out of it?

    They were so vivid and I could recall them even now.

    What in the heck where those from?

    They scared the heck out me.

    The only other time in my life where I had anything close to this was years ago when I had a bad reaction after being given a super powerful antibiotic called Levaquin?

    Any thoughts?
  2. Debra49659

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    I live in Michigan and have just recovered from the same flu symptoms you are describing. I woke up with it the day after Christmas and yesterday was the first day that I was symptom free except for being tired....well more tired than usual.

    I never threw up though I felt on the verge many times....that resolved to nausea, diarrhea and muscle aches and fatigue about the 4th day...felt better for 1 day, in fact I thought I was over it but it was back the next day.

    I had diarrhea, muscle pain, chills, nausea for about 12 days give or take a day...feel better today except for fatigue and muscle pain...which could be the FM for all I know.

    Drink lots of fluids...whether you want to or, and get some immodium. Without the immodium you will be sitting on the pot every ten minutes...if you make it to pot that is:)

    No answer about the dreams though, sorry.

    Rest and take care,

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