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  1. cbella

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    Please help! I can't remember when I have had a night where I slept all the way through without leg pain! Pain meds don't help, and I'm so tired and achy in the morning. Does anyone have something that works? I was thinking of asking my MD for flexeril. He gave me Lortab to take at night a few months ago, but it doesn't touch it. They start aching as soon as I lay down. My Ultram works fine in the daytime and sometimes I need the Lortab if they really hurt during the day and it always works. But at night it's totally different. Any suggestions? cbella
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    Mine hurt awfully when I go to bed too. I've been putting the heating pad on them and topical analgesics-it helps alittle. Your circulation is okay? I know folks who have poor arterial circulation of lower extremities have increase pain when legs are elevated-such as in bed. I'll say a prayer for both of us tonight at bedtime.
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    Hi cbella- taking calcium/magnesium has helped me with leg pain and I also have potassium drops that I use for those intense cramps (the ones that make your toe go straight). It's worth a try - I hope it works for you.
    LOL, Nanna
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    Hi, I take flexeril for my muscle pain and spasms. I've tried Mirapex for restless leg, but it really didn't work for me. I now take Requip and it works great with the pain at night.
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    do you take flexeril and requip? My doctor is very good about ordering anything I've heard that may help FM. I sleep with a pillow between my knees for years now, even before I got FM. This summer I bought a feather mattress topper, because it helped me over my daughter's house. It's not helping that much now. The pain starts in my outer thighs and all the way down my legs. I do get some relief if I sleep on my back and legs elevated on my pillow, but I'm not a back sleeper, so I can't stay that way very long. Thank you for all your responses.
    1faith, I have to say that prayer on the night of the 9th helped... I slept a little better last night. Thank you.
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