NIH articles on leaky gut and CFS

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    This certainly renews my hope ... If you follow the link it has other links to the articles listed below this one too ... Marcia MCare4U Outpatient Clinics, Belgium.

    BACKGROUND: There is now evidence that an increased translocation of LPS from gram negative bacteria with subsequent gut-derived inflammation, i.e. induction of systemic inflammation and oxidative & nitrosative stress (IO&NS), is a new pathway in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

    METHODS: The present study examines the serum concentrations of IgA and IgM to LPS of gram-negative enterobacteria, i.e. Hafnia Alvei; Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Morganella Morganii, Pseudomonas Putida, Citrobacter Koseri, and Klebsielle Pneumoniae in CFS patients both before and after intake o

    If natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative substances (NAIOSs), such as glutamine, N-acetyl cysteine and zinc, in conjunction with a leaky gut diet during 10-14 months.

    We measured the above immune variables as well as the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Rating Scale in 41 patients with CFS before and 10-14 months after intake of NAIOSs.

    RESULTS: Subchronic intake of those NAIOSs significantly attenuates the initially increased IgA and IgM responses to LPS of gram negative bacteria. Up to 24 patients showed a significant clinical improvement or remission 10-14 months after intake of NAIOSs.

    A good clinical response is significantly predicted by attenuated IgA and IgM responses to LPS, the younger age of the patients, and a shorter duration of illness (< 5 years).

    DISCUSSION: The results show that normalization of the IgA and IgM responses to translocated LPS may predict clinical outcome in CFS.

    The results support the view that a weakened tight junction barrier with subsequent gut-derived inflammation is a novel pathway in CFS and that it is a new target for drug development in CFS.

    Meanwhile, CFS patients with leaky gut can be treated with specific NAIOSs and a leaky gut diet.

    PMID: 19112401 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


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    Wonder why the NIH is doing studies in Belgium instead of the U.S.? Surely they can get enough patients here.

    I have asked a noted GI doc if he knows how to treat leaky gut, and he says he's never heard of it. My PCP says the same thing.

    I don't know how, but could you post the other articles listed here also? I'd like to see all of them.

    A great post, thank you very much.

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    Hi skeptik2

    Traditional doctors call leaky gut gut permeability. The typical traditional GI doctor is happy to do a colonscopy, EDG, order labs and prescribe medications, but isn't interested in anything that doesn't involve the above. This includes nutritional deficiency testing for anyone who's diagnosed as a celiac and is therefore going to have them. They leave this up to functional, integrative or holistic docs.

    My best advice for you is to look for different doctors. There are doctors who know about leaky gut / gut permeability. Many of them were traditional and now are integrative / functional. That's what I have ...

    I tried my link again and didn't get a direct hit so here's how I found that ... I just googled CFS leaky gut to see what research had been done on this.

    Here's a link to a list of articles on this.

    HTH ... Marcia

    PS. I'm not anti traditional medicine. I just had an EGD and colonoscopy done to make sure I didn't have anymore colon polyps and to see if I my villi were healing. I got a totally clean bill of health this time. : ) KOW ... I'm fairly certain it's due to the Paleo/low carb/low oxalate diet I've been on since I wasn't able to digest supplements until January, but I'll have to ask my integrative doctor when I see her next.

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