nih director video whitehouse chronicles

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    i wonder if anyone would like to publish this on you tube? its interesting but i found the volume hard to hear perhaps thats my technical problem

    anyway its very interesting to hear he says that even if xmrv turns out not to be the cause it has created interest and further research is more probable
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    Thanks Hon for posting this! I shall watch it when I get my new computer running, as my old computer doesn't have enough to support the video. It's only going on 13 years old, lol.

    Fight :)
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    I tried, but it kept stopping and then was talking a livestock exchange? I couldn't fast forward past that. I did see a written article at
    which is very good.

  4. simpsons

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    thanks fight, i know what you mean about the computer i ve just had to change my old one as it completely stopped working. its amazing to have one that can play video s again.


    thank you for the link sorry you couldn t watch it i think its about four minutes in.

    fight and mary

    have you seen this uk campaign which starts 1st nov as a protest outside the dept of health london ? also there is a written campaign working in combination starting 30th nov for those unable to go in person.

    we welcome other contries to join us

    hope you are both as well as can be, really good to hear from you both
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    Hi... sorry about the delay in time. I've been having lots of health issues, and have been quite overwhelmed with things.

    What is that campaign in which you spoke of?

    Fight ;)
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