Nikki's Grandchildren - Update

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    I've posted several times on this board re: my DIL's battle with her ex. re: custody, visitation, & child support, and I just wanted to give everyone a brief update.

    DIL went to depo. Wed. (4 hrs from our city). It appears her ex owes quite a large sum of money in back child support + interest. He had been hiding part of his salary and now it appears he will be paying double the child support he has been paying lately. Ex was totally shocked w/the outcome of the depo. He could not answer any questions honestly and directly when DIL's atty took his depo. Her atty even had to call the judge (who was not available) and leave a message that the ex was being unresponsive. Ex's atty is not a family law atty and did not know what he was doing . . . he was way out of his league. As it turned out, my DIL did not even have to give a depo b/c she was never subpoened. Ex did file for child custody, but filed @ the very last minute and that case will probably not be heard when they go to trial on Wed. DIL's atty said she has absolutely nothing to worry about re: custody.

    I want to thank all of you for your prayers. I know w/o a doubt that God heard every last one of them. Thank you all so very much. Your continued prayers thru out this trial are greatly appreciated.

    I, too, will continue to pray for everyone here. God bless you all . . . He has certainly blessed my family.

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    I`m so glad things are looking up for your family. God bless you too.