nimodipine calcuim antaganist richvank/any1 have advise please

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    hi has anyone tried nimodipine or have any advise for me on this medication. have you tried this and if so how did your body find the medication reacted

    its a calcium antaganist used normally in larger doses for blood pressure and in me smaller doses to improve the blood circulation in the brain mainly so far as i am able to understand so far

    richvank i am particularly interested in your input and how you feel this would fit in with the whittlemore peterson institute research
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    Hi, simpsons.

    I don't know how nimodipine would fit in with the WPI research, or whether it would.

    As you noted, it's a calcium channel blocker, and it acts to relax smooth muscle, such as the muscle around the arteries, and to some extent, the heart muscle. The effects depend on the dosage. As you noted, at higher dosages it can cause decrease in blood pressure, in some cases, too much. Edema and headache are other possible adverse effects. The PDR lists a variety of other adverse effects, seen in small percentages of people.

    The only indication for using this drug that is given in the PDR is for people who have a hemorrhage in their head (subarachnoid hemorrhage). I don't see any information about using it at lower dosages to improve blood circulation in the brain, so I can't comment on that.

    As you are probably aware, since I'm not a licensed physician, I can't advise people whether or not to take prescription drugs. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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    thanks rich its off script for me/cfids i.m going to use a very tiny tiny amount to start with see if i react to it if i decide to try it.

    i was quite interested to hear if anyone had tried it but it doesn.t seem to be getting much response

    many thanks