nimodipine richvank/any1 have advise please

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    my gp has an idea to try this drug to open up the blood vessels in the brain to help me its a blood pressure drug and the dose he recommends is 25 rather than the blood pressure dose of 250

    does anyone have any information or has anyone advise on this drug or has anyone tried it themselves?

    i'm very cautious of trying medications as my system seems to react to lots of things and natural has been my way always. although i feel that i'ts less reactive of late seemingly calmed down

    i do find that if i do to much exercise walk to fast over exert myself i can end up temporarily like had a stroke the side of my face goes down my speech is slurred and my hands are limp on the end of my arms. obviously i work hard not to push myself to that limit and pace myself

    would be very grateful for advise and input many thanks
    the only other thing i would add is that my red blood cells are enlarged i believe the dr said so i wondered what tests i should ask for in relation to this and would this affect should i take this drug or not? i know that my b12 usually shows up normal in blood levels but i have felt beter for taking b12 injections in the past.

    many thanks in advance[This Message was Edited on 02/01/2010]