Nine Supplements to Avoid

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    Nine Supplements to Avoid

    While all supplements should be used carefully, some should not be used at all.

    Here are nine supplements you shouldn't take.

    Arnica Montana

    Claim: Relieves aches; an anti-inflammatory and immune enhancer

    Why it’s among supplements to avoid: Can cause miscarriages, allergic reactions, paralysis, heart palpitations, death


    Aconitum napellus

    Claim: Eases joint inflammation, gout, RA

    Why it’s among supplements to avoid: Is a fast-acting poison that affects the heart


    Adrenal, spleen, thymus extracts

    Claim: Helps fatigue, and relives stress and inflammation

    Why it’s among supplements to avoid: Derived from animal organs. FDA warns organs could possibly be contaminated.


    Autumn crocus
    Colchicum autumnale

    Claim: Lessens gout attacks and eases general arthritis

    Why it’s among supplements to avoid: Is a potential poison. Taken only as a prescription drug (colchicine) under a doctor’s supervision.



    Claim: Helps fibromyalgia, sleep disorders and depression

    Why it’s among supplements to avoid: Associated with esosinophilia myalgia, a serious illness that causes severe rashes, acute pain and other symptoms.



    Claim: Helps fibromyalgia, sleep problems, depression, claims to “improve sexual and athletic performance and health”

    Why it’s among supplements to avoid: Has been linked to death, coma and seizures.



    Claim: Eases sleep disorders and depression

    Why it’s among supplements to avoid: It has been associated with esosinophilia myalgia syndrome (EMS), a serious illness that causes severe rashes, acute pain and other symptoms.



    Claim: Reduces inflammation

    Why it’s among supplements to avoid: May cause hepatitis and kidney and liver damage.


    Kombucha tea

    Claim: Helps “rheumatism” and eases pain

    Why it’s among supplements to avoid: Has a high risk of contamination with anthrax and other bacteria.

  2. loto

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    this is great info.
  3. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    the problems with l-tryptophan were associated with contamination TWENTY yrs ago....the FDA temporarily banned it, but after it was proven to be safe, & measures were taken to ensure that it did not get contaminated again, it was allowed once more.....there have not been any further issues with it & it can be very helpful for relaxation/antianxiety and sleep
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  4. harboreen

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    I just heard this am on Good Morning America that FISH OIL Supplements are bad for us
    because they contain PCB's
    We tend to assume supplements are good for us, I do!
    Fish Oil is widely advertised to be very beneficial for us ~ there are millions of people using this daily, not anymore! lol
    I use Flaxseed oil so I think I better go look this one up now!
    If anyone knows if this is the same thing.. Please post here.
    Thanks Renee
  5. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    I really don't see how homeopathic arnica could cause any issues . It is based on energetic principles.

    The gel for muscle aches etc. is used externally.
  6. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    It was on TV bc of a lawsuit (ie: money) re fish oil supplements and the "study" only looked at a very small sample, and the bottles DID have labels stating that there may be some PCB in the supplements.....the amt that was found was high enough that CA law requires it to be mentioned on the label, but it was not considered too high according to the World Health Organization

    personally I cannot take fish oil bc my stomach sends it rt back up, but I used to be able to take it and I benefited a TON from it - I wish I could still take it......that said, I am just giving my own experience, as well as what was said today re fish is up to individuals to decide for themselves but it is good if people have all the facts rather than just getting fed scare tactics (that is not to say that we should not be cautious about PBC, though - it is certainly somethign to be careful of bc large amts are not safe)

    as to flax seed oil, no it is not the same thign as fish oil at comes from a plant.....there are some cautions with using it, too, but in generl in the amt taken via supplements (single daily dose) it is safe

    ......the warning about flax are; that it can become rancid fairly quickly (this is esp the case if it is in the liquid oil form, rather than capsules, but by refrigerating it and using it within a few weeks, it is fine)....that it is a phytoestrogen (I think that's the word - basically it means that it acts somewhat similarly to estrogen in our bodies, but small amounts of this have actually been found beneficial for some people & unlike estrogen itself, flax has been used to help fight breast cancer - it is a topic of debate, but once again a normal daily dose should be fine), and that it contains small amounts of cyanide (so do apple seeds....the amt in flax is very very small and considered safe if taken in the recommended daily dose)......also flax should not be taken as unground seeds bc they will pass rt thru the body w/o actually being utilized (it should be taken either be as a supplement, as the liquid oil, or as ground seeds)
  7. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    you are rt about the homeopathic arnica.....but the topical stuff is a different story -

    - anything used on the skin (or scalp for that matter) is actually STRONGER in its impact on the body as a whole than anythign taken by oral does NOT just sit on the skin but is absorbed into the body/bloodstream and it bypasses the GI system so it does not get broken down as somethign taken orally it is actually MUCH stronger that way.....that is why there are now so many medicines given as a patch
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  8. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    I know "0" about supplements, I take a multi a day and that's it. Sorry I can't remember who posted about one of the supplements being used externally. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is remarkable how much the skin absorbs and the skin will absorb. I remember when I was pregnant with my last child, I couldn't help my husband apply a medicated lotion unless I was wearing latex gloves. Apparently that lotion could be absorbed through my hands and pass through the placenta and harm my baby. That was an eye opener:)

    Also fredt I would consider the source of this information to be reliable. she didn't pull that information off the local Enquirer. It was information that was put out by the Arthritis Foundation...or something close to that away...the fog is think today:)

    I agree 100% with you checking and re-checking sources! Big Pharma as well as Supplemental companies make the most out of the products and leave all the bad stuff in the find print. It is best to find unbiased information. Also, of course check with your doctor before you take anything.

    Thanks for the post it was very informative, as I said earlier I know nothing about supplements although Jamin has tried to help I choosing to just take what the doctor prescribes. I have too many ailments to try to figure out which supplements I can take. And I'm lazy like that;)

  9. JLH

    JLH New Member

    This info was in Arthritis Today, so I would figure it would be accurate. But go figure ??????????
  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    When they mix facts with fiction it makes it hard to know what the truth really is about anything.

    As Tammie said, re L-tryptophan. Originally it was taken off the markets because of a contaminated lot from Japan. And even tho it was one lot from one factory in Japan, and the factory was fixed and okayed, the FDA used it as an excuse to take it off the market completely for a while.

    It was great for sleep... Some feel it was because of some new med coming out for sleep at that time, that there was an ulterior motive. I do know there was a coincidence of that kind, but as to the powers behind the scene, hard to say.

    In any case, there was no reason to take it off and make it available (eventually) by RX only - drove up the cost. It was a travesty. At least now it is available OTC.

    A thymulus formula was of immense help to me years ago when I was getting the flu every 3-4 weeks, I still depend on it if I'm getting sick.

    Yes, we have to ultimately trust mfrs., and I use 'the best', but no matter what one takes, there is always a risk, even if from the drug mfrs.

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  11. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Very well said. We all need to do our homework and double check the answer:)

  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    for the people who are informed and can give two sides to a story. Imagine people willy nilly avoiding what could be good for them because of some half baked reports possibly with ulterior motives like money releasing wrong info.

    God Bless
  13. blueeyedgrl73

    blueeyedgrl73 New Member

    Anyone read Arthritis Today lately? There are more ads in there for big pharma than articles! No wonder they are against supplements!
  14. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Thank you for the information.

    I think a lot of people should use your example.

    You posted an article which gives good information.

    No comments dissing others.

    No comments about big pharma.

    No name calling.

    No strawmen.

    No shouting.

    How dare you get an article from "Arthritis Today". Pretty subversive magazine.

    We could all take a lesson from you. Thanks for being the voice of reason.

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  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    please re-read my post again (up above)...
    fact mixed with fiction really is a crime.
    IMHO, maybe not some others'.

  16. purple_pixie_dust

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    The homeopathic versions of Arnica montana, Aconnitum napellus, Colchicum autumnale are fine to take. In fact, I use these frequently in strengths of 30x, sometimes 30c. And sometimes 200c, and 1M. I use Ledum 1 M for Lyme, Histaminum 200c for allergic reactions, the Borelli nosode for Lyme. Influenzinum nosode to prevent the flu.

    I even use B&T Arniflora gel (arnica gel) applied topically which has some NIH studies to back it up for effectiveness in treating osteoarthritis in the hands. I use Arnica gel for sprains, and trigger point problems.

    What you posted ought to differentiate between messing with arnica plants which are toxic, and Monkshood or Aconnitum Napellus, besides Colchicum vs taking the homeopathic vibration of these plant substances.

    Kombucha is very toxic, but many people use it.
  17. harboreen

    harboreen Member

    Thank you all so much for your honest opinions and your eye opening and informative post's.

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