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    these DDs in homeopathy? and does it treat along the same principles as using a small amount of a particular problem, and depends on an appropriate reaction by your immune that case, I probably would not be a good candidate for that, if I can't tolerate allergy shots without getting much worse, would I? I talked to an allergist about this, and she said it was because I had autoimmune problems, therefore, my immune system is mixed up.. I posted on the subject, PCOS, too..I think I have had that for a long time, and wanted to see how you were diagnosed? Could you elaborate on why you felt you had that for a long time? as I think I may have had similar thoughts.. LOL, AMELIA
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    You seem to be a very compassionate and knowlegable person. Have I given the idea that I am new to this? I have diagnosed since l987..Initially, I was really motivated when they did not really know how to treat these DDs at all and went thru a lot of the alternative treatments that did not make much of a dent in my problems at all (I.V.s of minerals, chelation therapy, magnesium shots, Dr. Orian Truss's yeast therapy (that began in l984 when I did not know about CFS), etc. and I became real turned-off at that point. The only doc (who was actually a internal medicine doc and very intelligent), who had much more integrity, indicated to me to wait for research advancements towards a nationally recognized cure..He felt like a lot of these docs were taking advantage of people who desperately wanted to get well.. which I was in total agreement with..So, I hibernated for a long time, focusing on educating myself about horticulture..which is mentally and spiritually healing for me, but not really keeping up with the research..but, the reality of not being notified of a nationally-recognized and accepted cure, which he thought would come along in about 4 years at the most about 7 years ago, has made me face the reality of I don't much more time to waste...I can certainly understand the seems like the patients in this disease have to solve the's unbelievable how long it has taken and I have certainly been very depressed about IT, but you are a very helpful and valuable person..just hang in there.. I, especially, appreciate your honesty about what doesn't work..DID YOU SEE AJME'S POST , YESTERDAY, ABOUT WHAT CHENEY SAYS ABOUT USING VARIOUS MEDS TO BALANCE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, WITHOUT HAVING TO USE ANTIBIOTICS? LOL, AMELIA
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