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  1. roseylisa

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    how many of you get nite sweats and itching during a flare as if you have a fever but it doesnt show on the /themometer?
  2. janie056

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    I get nite sweats all the time! I always feel as though I have a fever as well but my temp is generally below normal.
    I have read on here for years that many people have this problem.
    My gyno doc put me back on a low dose of hormone pills for night sweats, thinking this might help, I had a hysterectomy at a young age and was on them for years. I was taken off of them about three years ago and he thought this would help. Nope it does not, It happens most of the time prior to a flare though.
    That's about all I know for now, hope you can find an answer to help, if so let me know.

    Love to you,
  3. nvstella

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    I get them as well. I had a hysterectomy 4 years a go and didn't have a problem with them. But ever since I've been in this never ending flare I have had them. I also get them in the morning after I get up.

    I take 1 mg. of estradiol which may help a little but not much becuase I don't think that it is hormonal in nature.
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  4. Esperanza25

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    I'm 45 y.o. and have had night sweats for several years now, on and off. And my gyno says that when it started it was because I was premenopausal and now is because perimenopausal. So, I'm not sure exactly what it is... what I do know though is that I do get so hot sometimes I feel like I'm burning and even the bed feels hot. My solution is I get up and take a cold shower and it helps for a few minutes.

    If anyone ever gets an answer I'd like to know. thanks
  5. Hawkeye

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    I get terrible night sweats....I think part of it is my age but is it a symptom of fibromyalgia also? I didn't know that. I sleep with a fan on me even in the winter..if it is chilly I just don't aim it directly onto me and just make sure I have the circulation of air in the bedroom and that helps a lot with the night sweats.

    I also experience extreme itching when I sleep. Many nights I just get up and have to slather myself in lotion to get relief and I put vaseline on my hands and feet. It feels icky and horrible but it soon soaks in and feels wonderful.

  6. lin21

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    terribly like I just got out of the shower. But I also get a rash on my right wrist certain times of the year it seems, around 1 or 2 in the a.m. and it gets so itchy . I can't even say it's a rash it's only a couple of red 'dots". My doctor laughed at me but I've had it about 4 or 5 times , same time of year only on my right wrist. It seems like it happens when the seasons change. I had it a few weeks ago but this time for the first time it was on my left wrist.
  7. NyroFan

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    It really is strange for me. Sometimes I get night sweats and sometimes I do not.

    I can not figure it out, but may have to ask the doctor.

  8. MIAMY

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    i am 34 yrs. old. i have had night sweats for years now but my gyno dr. said it was due to my depression medicine. i got off it and still have them. so bad at times, my husband wakes me thinking that i have wet the bed!!! i had no clue this was a symptom of F.M.!!! so that's where they are coming from. thanks for the info.