NK Cells and Stat-1

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    NK Cells are Natural Killer Cells in the immune system and Stat-1 is an acronym for Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription which are proteins that regulate many aspects of cell growth, survival and differentiation in the body. Studies have provided evidence that STAT proteins are involved in the development and function of the immune system and play a role in maintaining immune tolerance and tumor surveillance.

    Both NK Cells and Stat-1 proteins are deficient in people with ME. They tend to become non-existent over time in these patients. In fact, in Japan, ME is called "Low NK Cells Disease".

    I've read that the front lines of the immune systems of people with ME rev up and overreact to everything in the environment, molds, toxins, allergens, bacteria, viruses etc.... and then burn themselves out.

    Just how are we supposed to replace these important components of our immune systems? Obviously, losing these components doesn't kill us, so it's not AIDS, yet we have to live with dysfunctional immune systems which I don't believe can be fixed through diet, or vitamins and minerals, or a healthy lifestyle, or Homeopathy, or herbs or meds, or exercise.

    How do you put something back that is supposed to be there and no longer is? You can take all the immune stimulators you want, that will just result in revving up whatever is left of your immune system. It doesn't actually replace vital components of your immune system.

    This is just one of the biological abnormalities that happen to people with ME. There are so many it's mind-boggling.

    Why isn't this abnormality in ME talked about out there? I only see it addressed in the National CFIDS Foundation Newsletter.

    I'm going to email the WPI and ask them if they're aware of this abnormality.

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    hi tea!

    stat-1 deficiency and low NK cell function have been known about for a long time. demeirleir talks about stat-1 quite a bit.

    i think infections with certain pathogens can deplete stat-1 and attack NK cells....but why we are not clearing the infections when most people do, is the question.

    stat-1 and NK cell deficiencies make us more susceptible to cancers.

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    I believe that the body makes these things, so if our immune systems can be restored, then these should also eventually return to their normal levels
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    Hi ladybugmandy,

    Regarding cancer, I read we can also suffer from an underactive p53 gene, which is one of our defenses against tumors.
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    it is their only reason for existence. When (not if, mind you) they find the reason for CFIDS/ME, they will find a treatment.

    Their research (no paid employees there) has been to "follow the science" and these findings about Stat1, P53, NK cells, etc., are all just part of the package, not the cause of ME.

    If anyone is interested, they are at ncf-net dot org.

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    This newsletter is hard to decipher. I read it year after year and wonder what it is about. They seemed so locked in on their "scientific approach" and so negative about almost anything else but their own ideas. It is difficult for me to see where they fit in, if at all.

    Perhaps someone can enlighten me.


  7. jasminetee

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    I know these abnormalities were discovered a long time ago. They're still relevant though. We're still living with them. Why aren't they being addressed by the medical community?

    Chris, many years ago the NCF was part of another CFS organization and the members split over disagreements in how CFS should be studied and dealt with.

    The NCF is having a hard time letting it go, thus there's a lot of ranting in their newsletter which is a shame because it turns people off and it buries all the good work they do. They are the only organization that has consistently looked for biological abnormalities in CFS. Every penny they get goes to Research for CFIDS. No one there makes a salary and almost all of them either have CFIDS or their spouses do. That also explains a lot of the rambling in their articles. -lol

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