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  1. bioman85

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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone had their NK cell activity tested. Mine was very low when tested, and I am looking for something that would boost the immune system. My doctor prescribed maitake mushroom supplement, but what was wondering if there was something else that people are using to help increase their immune system strength.
  2. sdown

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    Yes I had my NK cells tested. Doc said they werent working well and to take transfer factor. It helps. Im currently eating coconut to get rid of my yeast. The caprylic acid in the coconut gets rid of the yeast. Yes, maitake mushroom is excellent for the immune system. So is shitake mushroom.
  3. hopeful4

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    Mine was 5.6 in a reference range of 20-50. I was using NK Stim from FFC. It's kind of pricey, and I'm going to switch and try Host Defense by New Chapter.

    "Host Defense has been shown to increase human Natural Killer (NK) Call activity by up to 300%. The immune-enhancing power of Host Defense comes from two sources: the unsurpassed quality of the MycoMedicinal mushrooms, and the proprietary combination of species.

    Each of the MycoMedicinal species has, on its own, an ability to support human immune functioning, but the combination of these 16 mushroom sources creates synergies, waves of reinforcement, that bathe us in immune support. There is glory in each mushroom, but greater glory in the whole."

    I'm also being treated for Lyme Disease. As the Lyme dies off, the NK cells are expected to improve. This is, in fact, one way that the Lyme treatment is monitored.


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  4. bioman85

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    My NK cell activity level is 4.6, but I can't find the rnase on my bloodwork. Is it called specifically rnase or is it something else?


    LISALOO New Member

    My NK was really low too! Just taking general immune system boosters.

    RNASE-L - The reason it's not used as a diagnostic marker. According to medical journals, only 50% with CFS have an out of range value for this, so 50% would be screwed! That wouldn't be fair. For a marker to be used the percentage must be a lot higher.
  6. hopeful4

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    I had my labs done through Quest from FFC. The RNase is reported separately from the rest of the lab results.

    The top of the page says "Immunosciences Lab, Inc.", referring physician: Quest Diagnostics.

    My NK results are also reported that way.

    BTW, my RNase results were 21 (ref. range 1-10). My Dr. said this was twice the normal activity, and my body was actively killing a virus.

    Take care,
  7. pinkstar

    pinkstar New Member

    dont recall the rnase... but my nk came up 3.2.... hmm yea... :\

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