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    There is not a day that goes by that some part of me doesn't hurt. Some days the pain is worse than others. Some parts hurt one day but not the next. The doctors I have been to won't diagnose me with fibromyalgia because I have 2 abnormal blood test results. None of these doctors have been able to give me any answers about the blood test results. This has been going on for 1 1/2 years. I quit going to doctors because it is causing me too much stress. It is too stressful for me to go to the doctor and not get any answers. I live in Northern Virginia and have gone to doctors on my insurance list. However, I have a fee for service plan which is suppossed to mean that I can go to any doctor but have found that this is not the case. Some doctors have refused to see me because of the insurance I have. Many doctors don't have hours that are convenient for me. I work and can't take off work all the time to go to the doctor.
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    Sorry about all the flustration you are feeling. It is always such a struggle for us it seems in the med field. What is it with your abnormal tests and were they trying to treat you for that? i guess I am confused about that, sorry. As everyone encourages everyone else to do keep looking for a Doctor to treat you. You can't give up on it. I have been to ton and a half of Doctors' and I do get flustrated also but i keep searching and you need to do that too okay. You are going to wear yourself too thin if you don't.
    I hope that things begin to look up for you. Take care of yourself and keep fighting the fight okay.
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    I have an elevated sed rate and elevated c reactive protein. They are not treating me for anything. both rheumatologists I went to said they didn't know what is wrong. I've been to a hematologist. He ruled out multiple myeloma but thats all he did.

    I can't keep going to doctors. It is more frustrating to go and not get answers than it is to just not go.