No attorney will help me!!--1st denial for SSDI

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrohugslife, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    This is absolutely crazy! I am having a hard time finding an attorney that is willing to help me. They said that I have to be denied twice before I can get any help from them.

    I will be traveling for a month starting next week, and I got my denial letter not long ago.

    So I guess I will have to do this on my own and hopefully tomorrow I am up to it, I can go down to the Social Security office and get the Reconsideration forms.

    Calling the Social Security offices for a form is a pain in the butt, and I always get hung up on while waiting, etc.

    I just find it odd that no attorney out here will help me.

    I guess they don't want any business.

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  2. Andrea4

    Andrea4 New Member

    i've oftent hought there should be a good attorney list on the website much like the good doctor list.
  3. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Wait a minute...they should be sending a form with the 1st denial...look again in the mail they sent you.

    It is common for attys to not want the case until after the 2nd denial, ok? Don't get all bent out of shape now, you are going thru the mill we have all had to go thru, it'll be ok...

    Now you send them another paper of some kind at all in the correct time frame, don't be late getting it back...and make sure it is certified mail.

    Keep good and orderly files, now; you want a nice neat stack to give to an atty after they turn you down again.

    Where ya going on your month's travels? To have lots of fun, I hope!

    Good luck, just be patient.
  4. TxSongBird

    TxSongBird New Member

    The attorneys that practice this type of law are hard to find, at least here in Texas. I use to work for a Legal Services who did this type of work, but they grew tired of it and stopped representing the people who applied for SSDI and started doing family law. I sat in on many hearings and we usually won, the Judges seemed fair in the cases we did. I wish you luck on finding someone in your area to help you. I am in Texas, where are you?

  5. TAM

    TAM New Member


    I'M not 100% certain but i think that is correct what the attorney told you that you have to be denied twice before they can help you. In the papers i got in the past it mentions that you can get a lawyer if you want another
    reconsideration and that came the 3rd time.

    However i did'nt higher a lawyer because i went in front a judge the third time and he approved me. I was going to get a lawyer for the next time if the judge denied me then if your denied all those times you have to start all over agian and that stinks.

    Hang in there go file your reconsideration papers and if you get denied yet agian then go get a lawyer for your meeting in front of a judge.

    Extra good luck to you and i really really hope they approve you this time around. Whatever you do don't give up it took me a little over 4 yrs to get mine. Take care Tammy.
  6. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    There were no forms in there, just website info to get a form and fill it out and send it somewhere, and that I can do my Reconsideration online.

    Then the longest waste of trees about my denial. Then a nifty brochure about The Right the Question the Decision Made on my Claim.

    Sooo no forms in here...

    I guess I just have to do things myself! Which always seems to be the case. Surprise! Surprise! LOL

    Maybe this is a good thing to not bother with attorneys and just do it myself. Maybe I will it get approved myself.

    I will be traveling to Jamaica (saved my hard earned dollars to go, I missed out going 4 years ago) to go see family and seek some medical help there too if possible since I am not able to get what I need out here very well. [This Message was Edited on 07/17/2006]
  7. rachelfox

    rachelfox New Member

    I read your post and wanted to give you some information that might be helpful. I work in the medical field and have read some information about applying for disability. I have patients that need to apply for disability and don't know where to turn so I try to get information to help them. You might want to see if there is Legal Aid assistance in your area. I have informed patients that they need to apply once and if they are turned down to contact Legal Aid and they will step in. This process has helped the patient's I have spoken to. Legal Aid will tell you to apply once on your own and if you are denied, they help you from there. This service is also free if you qualify financially. I hope this will help you. Try to look up laws for your state to see how many times you have to apply on your own. Florida and NC state once and then a lawyer can assist you. Maybe the lawyers in your area do not want to get involved. Good luck to you and I hope this will help.
    Hang in there!!! Rachel
  8. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    Thank you so much everyone. I actually got an attorney now from the ones I wanted to hear from, and they are closer to me than the other ones.

    The only problem that I have with the online attorneys is that I need to see attorneys face to face if I am paying them to do a job.

    Plus I don't have anymore extra money laying around to just go and give that to a company like that.

    I think the best thing for me to do is to apply for SSI too which I will see if I can do tomorrow when I go to my meeting from the Counseling Center.

    I will do the Reconsideration papers and have all of that done this week and get that into the Social Security office by Friday or Monday. I will just get all of this done this week.

  9. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    I remember going through Legal Aid out here when I had no choice but to file forbankruptcy and they took forever to do things and missed the deadline of when I was suppose to file.

    So I am glad that I was able to find an attorney that was willing to work with me and allow payment plans based on my situation and get my bankruptcy done before Legal Aid could even do anything.

    I think that if Social Security and any of departments allowed for more time then Legal Aid would fit me perfectly but their deadlines are too short.

    There are just soooo many people that need the Legal Aid system that it slows down the processing for everyone.

    Again just like trying to get help for medical aid is just as slow as so many people need it.
  10. Dainty45

    Dainty45 New Member

    I found one on a web site, Allsup Inc., they do all of your paperwork for you, and you don't have to leave the house. They do everything over the phone, such as interviews, and any questions you may have. They work throughout the USA, so look them up on the website, and give them a call. I love not having to run around trying to get help, I would be a wreck.

    Good Luck!!
  11. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I would tend to believe that particular attorney with
    waiting for a second denial letter, partially because they will make more money on your backpayment. I learned that from experience.

    Going to
    SSA is a good idea and you can might hear some consoling words from them.

    The problem is when they decide to do a review every three years.


  12. susigirl53

    susigirl53 New Member


    I suggest strongly that you contact Binder & Binder! They helped me get my took 2 years, but they helped me every step of the way. I did not have to deal with Social Security on my own (or at all)!

    You've got nothing to lose, the call is free. What they did with me was to go over my case and ask a lot of question, and then they decided if they would take it.

    They decided I did have a case, but I still did have to go through 2 denials, my case was actually won in the court, before a judge (I'm told that's where most cases are won).

    It's a long, frustrating path (especially when you don't feel well), but it's worth it. And if they take your case and you don't win, it doesn't cost you anything!

    Making the call to Binder & Binder and more importantly, turning to Jesus Christ and giving Him my burden, has made a huge difference in my life!

    Good luck!

    Hugs & prayers,
  13. Andrea4

    Andrea4 New Member

    my attorney took me on after getting my 1st denial letter. it's been a couple months now, nothing is happening because SS is slow I guess. i think i am still at the reconsideration stage...<sigh>
  14. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    fibrohugs - you stated that you don't have money lying around to give to attorneys. Well, you don't have to pay them anything unless you win. You don't pay them anything upfront. If they ask for money upfront, go the other way fast because they are not supposed to. Their fees are set by statute. They will get a percentage of your award, only if you win.

    I filed my initial claim on my own and was denied. I went to see an attorney, who told me to file the appeal on my own, and then if that was denied, he would help me. He told me the most important thing was to state very clearly on the appeal form that I could not work and why. I won on appeal by some miracle.

    I found that it was extremely important to keep copies of everything, and to follow up with SS to make sure that my caseworker received records I submitted and that my doctors submitted. Once I even brought some papers in person to the SS office but the caseworker never got them. They also said they requested records from my primary doctor and never received them. So I had to keep track of everything. It might have been nice to have an attorney do this for me.

    Some people on this board seem to have good recommendations for attorneys so I wouldn't write them off just because you do everything by phone. Or maybe just call them and ask all your questions. It won't cost anything.

    Good luck --

  15. opticaltech

    opticaltech New Member

    Hi...I live here in california and we can go on ssa website and print the forms we need...maybe you can do the same in the mean time to get the ball rolling....good luck......L.
  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    it is normal to have attorney's say wait until the next may get approved...then you just saved yourself i bleieve about 5800.00.

    fill out the forms send them in certified/registered mail...

    and just wait...then if you are denied...ask for help/

    also check out

    before you refill out those papers...sometimes we don't remember how to write things...


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