NO brain fog at 3am!! >:|

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wolverine, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Wolverine

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    Just unbelievable isnt it? Most of all day every day is spent in a drifting, dont know what the heck im doing or supposed to be doing, cant think, staring around blankly clouded FOG! And by night time i kind of start to think a little better use the pc etc. I get more tired about 10 or 11, but waaaaaaay too often, i dont fall asleep just lay there even tho im tired. anyway my brain starts kicking over and i think of alot of things all at once and if i dont get to sleep, it gets worse and by about 3am, i have to get up because im thinking so much and feel so awake - and often my brain is soo clear at that time! no fog at all , just too many annoying thoughts! Anyone with me?

    Chris, Australia.
  2. Megster

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    it's exactly why I'm on right now! It's so frustrating, because there is so much I want/need to do during the day, but day after day pretty much all I do is read, sleep, eat, read, sleep, help my daughter with her homework, get dinner ready if I can, then try and go to bed with hubby so we have SOME quality time together. But night after night, I get back up because I can't sleep. I have the energy to do all those things I couldn't do during the day, but if I go ahead and do them, then I don't get to sleep until 2,3, or 4 am, and I have to get up at 6:45 to get my daughter ready for school. I was joking with my husband tonight, telling him "my MOTIVATOR is broken! I need it fixed, or replaced, or SOMETHING!!!!!"

    Anyway, yes, I am with you. Just wish I knew what to do about it! I had such hope for the Ambien, becasue it really helped me get to sleep more quickly, but then it started giving me nightmares. The Klonipin doesn't seem to help that much...maybe the dose is too low, but anything higher just seems to make the daytime fatigue worse and doesn't really help innitiate sleep. Sigh. So frustrating.


  3. vnr27

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    i start cleaning at 8 pm all day i am in a fog feel much better at nite even drive my boyfriend home at 2am every nite in the day cant drive the kids to school without being sick as a dog its lie im out of wack,val
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    I reckon we've all been born in the wrong countries, and all need to relocate to those countries whose nours tie in with ours:)LOL

    No, seriously, one theory is that folks with CFS and maybe FMS have their body clocks all shifted round, and cortisol, which should peak during daylight hours, peaks at night instead - hence insomnia and racing thoghts etc at night, and brain-fog, acute tiredness etc during day.

    Other folks may be able to suggest a solution for this - unfortunately I havn't found one yet!

    I guess we all need to work the night-shift; too bad the world is set up for day-people:)

  5. baseballmom

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    how I figured out my brain fog was mostly cause by food allergies!! I felt unfoggy in the morning when I woke up, but felt horrible shortly after eating breakfast. It slowly occurred to me that I felt good in the morning because it had been 8 or 9 hours since I last ate food. By process of elimination I found out I am allergic to gluten. I removed gluten from my diet and now feel 75% better.