No docs on Ind.

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    Hello nink-- there are no docs in Ind on the Shoemaker website-- there are 15 states listed and Springfield Mo is probably the closest to you There's Ga-- Pa-- Mi--
    I might suggest you gather the info and take it to your own physician-- try that anyway? I will do some more research-- and ask my Doc who I see next week in Mo. MaBear

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    Do you want the name and phone number of the Nutritionist I'm seeing in Indy? He's putting me on a liver detox and he's really informed as to FMS. Let me know, okay?

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    the doc in Michigan is Michael Ledtke Ph. 989 793 7779-- it did not give the location in Michigan-- You could call and see if its close or look up the area code--Ma Bear
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    I live in the Ft. Wayne area and see a rheumy doc in Indy. His name is Dr. Douglas Smith and he is in a group practice. I've only been to him once, and he prescribed Ultracet, which has helped take the edge off. At least for me. He seems to be kind, and his practice has many fibro patients. He also took alot of time with me. I think it took a month to get in to see him, which isn't long to me considering the rheumys here have a six month wati. His phone nurse is very nice. They always call back as soon as possible, the same day. If you would like his number, let me know. He is Carmel.

    Where in central Indiana are you? I have a daughter in Bloomington, and my grandparents lived in Lebanon.

    Take care Nink......hope you find some help.