No "draining" fatigue since

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    I STOPPED eating carbs for breakfast....I had reported on a post of mine that I was eating cereal a couple times about a week ago or less, and my energy was was any energy I had was totally drained from my body.

    Today, I had green chard and chicken sausage for breakfast....I have NOT been a typical american type breakfast person but I lapse sometimes and now I know.... I bring no bread (carbs) in my house either for a long time, so have not had the typical toast breakfast in eons...jam
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    Hi Jam - I'm really glad to hear you found a reason for your fatigue. I remember Mikie posting that wheat caused fatigue for her. I found out a long time ago that I didn't do well having just oatmeal for breakfast - I had to have a concentrated form of protein with each meal.

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    Yes, Mary, ONE reason for this totally draining fatigue...I still do deal with fatigue, BUT I believe it's related to Pain and joint messes and could even be from the BP meds I take....just picked up refills at CVS and that dawned on me....

    I'm looking forward to see if the new Energy supp I posted about Eleuthero chinese herb can give me some umph.....

    I just came in from 2 stores, took my neighbor too who no longer drives, and I get pretty cranky walking out there, my knee starts to hurt a lot.....guess I'll break down and go for Prolo for the knee....have been wanting to stay away from rheumy for a while BUT......jam
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    I absolutely can't eat cereal for breakfast and not expect to get very hungry in an hr. I've even tried oatmeal. I HAVE to eat protein every couple of hours otherwise I get the shakes really bad. A staple for me is almond butter when I feel my self getting low blood sugar. I've even learned to carry a small container and a spoon in my purse to help me over that 10:30 to ll:30 slump if I'm out.

    I gave up wheat a couple of years ago, went gluten free for about 6 weeks. Didn't notice any difference in the way I felt, the level of pain, energy or anything. So I eat a whole grain bread in the morning with cream cheese or butter with my daily egg. I also keep cottage cheese in the frig. or have a piece of hard cheese. We're all different and have to pay attention to what's right for our bodies.

    By the way Jam........what all do you take in supplements now?
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    Jamin, my dad was on BP pills for the last 10 years of his life, and they were like taking sleeping pills. Some turned him into a zombie, others just made him very sleepy. His quality of life went down hill while he was on them. His doctor took him off of all BP meds for about six months and within a week he was back to his usual energetic self. Once he was back on the meds, he was back to sleeping all of the time. :(
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    I used to be like you Sunflower girl - I can go longer now without protein without getting the shakes, but I never skip a meal and always make sure it has a fair amount of protein. I often use raw almonds as a snack or a slice of cheese. I also make protein bars which are delicious, with almonds and peanut butter and coconut flakes and flaxseed and whey protein and coconut oil as a binder - they are so good! I used to buy protein bars but these are better.

    Jam, BP meds can definitely cause fatigue. I hated when we had to give them to our mom, she didn't like taking them, they made her tired, but her BP went sky high without them. I remember one morning though (she was in her late 80's) she was very cold, sort of listless and we took her BP and it had tanked, I forget how low, but way too low, we called her doctor and he stopped the meds right away. It can be a balancing act. Do you have a home BP monitor - the wrist ones are pretty good and not expensive.

    Do you still meditate? It's supposed to be very good for lowering BP.

    Also taurine lowered my blood pressure - too much! I had read that magnesium taurate was supposed to be very good for the heart so I started taking it and then found I was getting BP readings in the low 90's and even high 80's - too low and I didn't feel good, and did some research and found that taurine can lower BP so I had to stop it.

    Also, progesterone can lower BP. I use a progesterone cream prescribed by my doctor and he had doubled the dose and a week or two later I found I was getting weak, my BP too low, and my digestion was off, and again it took some investigation but I looked at the one thing I was doing differently - more progesterone - and sure enough, that was the culprit. We have to be detectives!

    Also, perhaps counter-intuitively, cayenne is supposed to be very good at lowerings BP. If you google BP and cayenne, there's a ton of info. They are cayenne caps you can take.

    I just think if you could find a way apart from drugs to lower your BP, it would help your energy. Maybe you couldn't get off the drugs altogether but at least cut the dose.

  7. jaminhealth

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    I'd LOVE to be off the BP meds and before I finally succumbed to them I tried EVERYTHING, you all know how much I don't love pharma drugs....

    And I was nuts monitoring my BP for years at home.....had to stop it as it was making me nutty.....

    I have driven myself almost nuts researching everything on HBP.....Weston Price has a very different take on HBP but I somehow could NOT follow their methods.....gee, I've used nuts a lot here....

    I am back on H202 as it has been revisited by another group I'm on due to a book being discussed: The One Minute can find it on amazon.

    I'm back to 4 drops per day of food grade H202 in my morning drink with the MSM powder....I started back again with 1 drop per day for a week, then 2 drops per day, etc...and today I began my 4 drops.

    Check out the book, it could be a missing link to the CFS issue too.....Mary, I sent you an email on this today....

    I've known about food grade H202 since 1995 when I met a man at the Pycnogenol lecture and he said he would NEVER get cancer as he had been doing H202 for years and he was 75 at the time and full of energy.

    Check out One Minute Cure.....
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    I have long been the type of person who just piled whatever I wanted into my body. The past few months I have started to make changes and paying attention to my body. It is amazing what senses come alive as we change our diets, exercise, and overall daily routine. I am still learning more about how to manage things more accurately, but I have already noticed a huge difference in my energy by cutting out carbohydrates from my diet. I cannot eat anything but protein for breakfast. It seems they were unto something back in the day. I find it funny to see commercials for cereal informing us of how important breakfast is, as they pawn a product that drains energy.
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    Just throwing out the rest of the Kashi cereal and looking at the front of box and hitting me: Soy Protein Granules (the perfect draining storm: carbs and soy) is in so so much and often more in some stuff.....

    About 10 yrs ago when soymilk became the "thing" in the U.S. and there I was buying and using it as I wanted to stop cows milk....boy did I get some lessons from folks in a health food store and then when a chiro I was seeing back then, I would walk into his office, dragging, and he tested for soy with his muscle testing and SURE enough, he said "get off it".....and boy did I ever.....