No energy , sleepy, exhusted and achey all over. too much stress

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    I clicked on this icon as it's eye's are rolling around in it's head and that is just how feel today.

    This morning bright an early { before 8 am is early to me} My mom called and said that she had a spot on her leg that had been bleeding and was really hurting her.She thought that her legs were stuck together becuase of the pain she had in her leg.

    So she wanted me to take her to the doctor to see what is going on. She has a spot about the sixe of a fifty cent peice that looks like her skin has been rubbed hard and pushed over to the side and now it is bleeding .

    So off to the doctor's we go. He takes one look at it and tells her that it is from her preginsoe and coumidin. She must have bumped or scracthed her leg in the night as she said that it felt like she had been burned there .

    After the doctor dressed this wound and told us that it was not a celluitis or incfected it helped me to feel better. Seh was givien a tentnus shot as well. With her being on pregnosone her skin is like paper and it rips adn tears easily. I thought that she had sctrached it last night iwth her big toe and that caused the skin to peel off verticaly and it look nasty and like it had some infection in it.

    Thankfully she is ok and it is not as serious as it could have been but now I am just so tired and sleepy that I can't think straight. I have been so dizzy today that I am feeling icky. I don't remmeber when I have been this worn out and so exhusted adn fatiqued that I haev trouble moving and thinking. I am acheing more and achey more often now. I don't know if this is the left over stress from my pain doctor's trial or the nerves of my seeing a new doctor for first time.

    What I would give to be able to just lay down and sleep with out having my family nag at me about my sleeping. For if I fall alseep on the couch I am taking too many pain meds and I have OD'd. Having not taken my morning dose of soma {can't drive adn take it in the am because I am already tired and sleepy and the soma makes it worse...
    And I needed to drive so now my aches are worse from not taking it but I safley driove to the doctor;s and back home again so that is good.

    I hate being so darn tired all the time and not being able to remmeber words when i am talking . I don't know just how much more I cnan stand of this fatique and exhustion that I have had. I hate the added aches adn pain that i have to live with.

    I am so sleepy that I don't even know if what I am writing is non real or not. I just don't know waht to do about it.? I hate it I just want to feel normal once again. I don't like to have to quetion my slef to see if what I have remmebered if real or not.

    I don't know what to do about all of this. Any suggestoins? I think I am flaring and that does not help with how I am feeling.
    I would like to feel normal just once in my life.
    I have about enough energy that it is were converted to gasoline it would not fill an ANT's motorcycle enough to go around the inside of a cheerio.

    My thoughts keep getting lost so I never now just what I am going to swaay. my mind wonders regualry and I never know where it has gone off to.
    So since I am hurting and so sleepy that my eye's will not stay open no matter what do. I so want to not hurt any more and to be able to put a sentacne that will make any scense to any one but me.
    So me and my my body are aching so much that i am going to say.


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