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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by charlie21, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. charlie21

    charlie21 New Member

    I suffer from FM. I have absolutely no energy today. Went had a look around a few shops, and felt I was staggering because I was so tired and weak. Keep feeling hungry all the time as well. I hope I feel better by tomorrow as I have work, and had a morning off last week, because someone I think beat me up during the night. Not sure if this is an FM thing, or I am coming down with something else. Charlie
  2. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    Sure, know the feeling! The fatigue I think drives me more crazy than the pain. Wish there were ways to defeat it...I haven't found any yet. Hope your not getting sick. Now - go try and take a nap!!
  3. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I know exactly how you feel. I find myself walking like a snail and wondering if I can make it all the way back to the parking lot to get in my car.

    I figure now that I also have the CFS in combo w FM. Seems like they go hand in hand.

    Just get some rest today, maybe take your vitamins and eat some healthy food. Seems like the only thing I can do is rest these days, no energy for anything!

    Put on some comfy clothes and relax. Hope you feel better.

    xxxooo Hermit
  4. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    Some days I wake up w/ pain in my hips. it feels like some one took a sleadge hammer to them. I just reffer to it as the mystery pain of the day. I think what it really is, is that my wife toys w/ my disease, and beats me up while I'm sleeping. Especially when she knows I've taken a sleeping pill. These pains aren't always in the same area either. This is why I'm an advocate for devorce.


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