No flareups, just contant pain.....

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  1. Nana61

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    I don't experience flareups just contant pain. I'm new to the board as far as posting but I've been here reading a lot and the people here are so helpful and care for everyone else. This may be a silly question but does anyone else have constant pain with no let up. I can't even walk around the house to do a little housework without haveing so much pain that I can hardly stand it. I cry a lot. I have been diagnosed with FMS/CFS, anxiety, depression, degenerative disk disease. I can't get pain meds from my GP. I have an appointmet with a Rheumy but it's not until November 18.
    Plese respond to this post because I need some support. I love all of you already and thanks in advance for your response. Nana

  2. Val

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    So many people say they have flare ups with their F.M. etc
    but like you I am in pain all the time.
    I have F.M. C.F.S. Teitzes Syndrome, Degenerative disk,and Barretts Esophagitus.
    Some times the pain is less than others but I think it was about four years ago when I was without pain for a few hours one afternoon. I am on medication which helps and also for the past two months have used an Electro Magnetic machine which has helped.
    Even my finger nails are growing long again! and I can get out of bed on a morning with just an 'ooh' and not an 'ooh aah!'
    I hope you can soon get some pain meds. No one should be allowed to be in constant pain without help in this day and age.
    Sending you gentle cyber hugs from Scotland... hope they help.
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    I never understood the "flare up" thing. My pain is pretty much all the time and gets worse with any type of physical activity.
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    Nana you are not alone as the others have said. I am in constant pain also, but I also have flare ups. Of course most of my flare ups are after I have done something I knew better to do like lift my grandchildren....etc. Those flare ups vary in length. I too take pain meds that help sometimes. I'm fixing to try a new treatment. If it helps, I'll let all of you know.
    Empathizing with you,
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    Hi Nana~~Like you most of the time I have constant pain, but also flares from time to time. However, I cannot do housework more than 15 minutes without pain nor any other physical activity. I have had FM/CFS since my teens, and I am 54.

    I also have advanced degenerative disc disease (DDD), osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, and severe asthma.

    It wasn't until I had an MRI & X-rays that showed how messed up my back was that I was finally put on narcotic pain management three years ago. I could never get any serious pain meds for the FM or arthritis. Have you had an MRI?

    Since DDD is a very painful, progressive, chronic disease which can be "evidenced" by MRI's and X-rays, physicians will usually put you on some type of narcotic pain management--especially if, like me, the pain was so bad I couldn't work or function. I am on 20mgs of oxycontin 3x's a day; 10mgs of percocet for breakthrough pain 3x's a day; soma (a potent muscle relaxer) 3x's a day; 20mgs of Bextra (anti-inflammatory) once a day, and 1mg of klonopin at night for sleep and restless legs/aching legs.

    Ask for a referral to a Pain Specialist and take your MRI and X-rays with you. Because the FDA is monitoring closely physicians who give narcotics out on a long-term basis to chronic patients--they need some kind of "evidence" or documentation that covers them should they be audited by the FDA.

    DDD is an acceptable disease for the use of narcotic pain management if you have an MRI and X-rays to back it up.

    However, my physician who writes my scripts every month still has me see a Pain Specialist every 6 months for backup, documentation, and validation for the FDA. And, it is the Pain Specialist who actually increases my pain meds from time to time, and thus lets my doctor off the hook.

    You may have difficulty getting any serious pain meds for FM, but you shouldn't for DDD with an MRI & X-rays to "evidence" the physical pain you are in.

    My meds help my FM and arthritis along with the DDD. I couldn't function, work, or have any quality of life without them.

    If you don't have an MRI & X-rays--get them. They will be a blessing in the long run.

    Hope you get relief SOON! Best Wishes, Carol...