NO fool what is requip? i read your discussion with Rich

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  1. hensue

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    I have heard it before and will google it. What have you done and what has occured using requip>
    Please let me know ok?
  2. gapsych

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    I am taking mirapex on an as needed basis. Last week I needed to take it.

    The next day, I realized that I did not remember what time I had gotten up and my memory was fuzzy. Not a black out as I could remember certain events and if I thought long enough was able to piece together the day.

    I have never had something like this happen to me on or off mirapex. Did you ever get this side effect?

    This really scared me.

    However it does help me with the RLS especially when I am getting symptoms during the day.

    I see my PCP next week so will ask her about this and if I need to change the medication.

    Interesting that your post mentions RLS in the ankles. This is how I know RLS is going to start. My neurologist whose wife and daughter have RLS said he remembers his daughter rubbing her ankles together or one foot rubbing the other foot's ankle. I do this.

    He was on the national board of the RLS PLMD association. He is actually a pediatric neurologist and referred me to a sleep specialist, after taking a medical history for myself and my husband when my daughter was having migraines.

    I also tend to get the RLS in my lower arms but not my upper.



    ETA I am not worried about the "gambling" side effect. I dated a statistics professor for seven years, LOL
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