No Joking! I started exersizing!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tandy, May 7, 2003.

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    Last week I started it easy,easy just by adding more walking to my days~Then....last sat.,my boyfriend got that winsor pilates in the mail.Joking(i think)he asked me if I wanted to try a 20 minute session with him.So far I've done 3 sessions.....sat,monday,&today!!!I gotta admit,I don't quite make the whole 20 minutes but I do make 15~(close enough!!)They have one woman on the tape to follow if you have a challenge such as a bad back,neck problems,etc...So if you follow her-the movements are slightly modified to be a little easier.(they don't seem easy to me thou!!) any rate,I'm doing it and never thought I could!!! I do feel very sore but not like a flare sore,like a "I'm exersizing sore".Which is to be expected for anybody~ So for anyone who is doing any stretching or exersize program,How long does it take to not feel so sore after.(acually I feel it the next day!!)
    I hope I can stick to this!!I only need to drop about 8-10 lbs ,but I really need to tone this thing i"ve learned to call a body up!!LOL Anyway...I'm feeling a bit proud of myself.....I know some have said that pilates is too hard for us FMers,...I'm doing it easy,less reps and modified for the challenged~ Just wanted to give others the hope that anything is possible....God!I hope I can say all this crap in two weeks!!Wishing you all happiness~
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    Good for you and you keep on keepin on with it.

    I too started walking again last week. I bought a Leslie Sansone tape that is for walking inside. It is just too hot here in South Florida for me to walk outside much anymore. I started with 2 days a week and now I am doing 3 days. I am doing the 1 mile tape for now and after I get to doing that easy I will move to the 2 mile tape. I really hope I can stick to this. My daughter watched me yesterday when she was home sick. She also watched how little I really eat and said "Mom, you should be skinny and not feel so bad". I must agree ... just wish the drs and the rest of the world knew the truth. :)

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    Im so happy you were able to start exercising! yay!

    I too started doing some 20 minute sessions of exercising. I have a Power Yoga dvd with Rodney Yee. I can only handle about 15 minutes too, or I leave out some moves. but it feels so good to do something. I am usually sore for about 3 days, then I try again. Good for you!

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    I started exercising regularly because I had to-8 weeks of physical therapy in the water per doctor's orders. I have now joined the fitness center here, go up at least 4 times a week, and not only do I work out on the treadmill for an hour, but I am lifting weights! And the best part is I seldom have any pain now! I have been exercising since October, have slowly been losing weight and building muscle. I have a very long way to go, but feel better than I have in years. Good luck to everyone out there-don't overdo it, but keep at it.

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    Three years ago I started pilates. I was at my worse with FMS symptoms, began PT, and asked the therapist about pilates, at that time, I had a book with the mat exercises. At first he did not want me to do them all, he checked off the appropriate ones, then over time he added in more until I could do them all. Then I bought a pilates machine and had been doing that.

    Presently my son/his wife/grandson are living with us so my exercise room has been transformed into a nursery. I exercise at the gym and a little here at home but not on the machine. It is so heavy to move.

    You have three sons? So do I, they are 2 1/2 years apart, but now are almost 31, 33, 35. Fondly, June