No Klonopin While In Hospital

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    Hello again to all and hoping all are well (as ban be).

    I just wanted to let you know that on my 'visit' to the hospital for two-three days the staff did not give me Klonopin.

    The house doctor ordered Vicoprofen and Ativan instead.

    I do not know whether it worked or not, because i was sleeping most of the time, but when I was lucid enough I saw my blood pressure go up.

    They took it four times a day. And it kept rising highter and highter each time. They even gave me sleeping pills, but every day with the Klonpin the pressure kept creeping up.

    I am used to it every day and they really should have looked over my med list. It is not something you just stop, especially at 3mg. a day.

    My GP came in and said 'I am not going to put you through this. He got rid of the IV and believe it or not: we hugged each other.

    I felt like a prisoner let free.

    This is just my experience and maybe would not be for others, but I felt so relieved when he should up. And he is not the one who prescribes my Klonopin.

    I was suprised by one thing and it may not apply to all.
    But when a doctor reads the hospital chart and sees certain things that are 'vital', like HP without the Klonopin, they take some action.

    I just could not believe him. We gave each other two big hugs and I wanted to cry.

    Wow, the value of having a GP who actually reads the chart and notes, etc.

    Just passing this on to reinforce all (including myself) that GPs do more than we may think.


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