No Matter the Limits

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    It is such a relief when you first find out
    That the pain really does have a name,
    And then you will ask (and everyone does).
    "Just where can I place the blame?"

    No matter the limits, no matter the pain
    There's no evil, cruel "Master Plan."
    It just simply happens. It just simply is.
    You adapt, and you change what you can.

    But even with knowing the best and the worst,
    All the pitfalls the future could hold,
    You still have a choice, you quit or you fight.
    You determine the story thats told.

    And every small step that we take, my dear friends,
    Each battle that we slowly win,
    Just credits the love and the caring we sahre
    With the FM family that we call our friends.

    By Rita Shaw (FMily member)

    Just wanted to share something I read with you all!
    Love Codey
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    just a bump
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    I just really liked this poem and wondered if anyone got to read it so I bumped it again? :)


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