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  1. fralor

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    Hi everyone! I'm fairly new, so I've been looking for someone who suffers from FM but DOESN'T take prescription medication. My doctor has given me a couple antidepressants, but everything seems to be too strong--even if I break the pill in half or even smaller. I can't get through my regular day because I'm so sleepy. I seem to do better taking Motrin only once in awhile. My doctor deals with other FM patients, but he says I must not be all that bad. Is FM progressive? I've had it for 25 years. The pain never completely goes away anymore, but I've tried to adjust (wear bras that fasten in front, shoes that don't have to be tied, roll back on the bed in order to pull my slacks up, etc.) Is there anyone out there like me? Thanks. Fralor
  2. fralor

    fralor New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm fairly new, so I've been looking for someone who suffers from FM but DOESN'T take prescription medication. My doctor has given me a couple antidepressants, but everything seems to be too strong--even if I break the pill in half or even smaller. I can't get through my regular day because I'm so sleepy. I seem to do better taking Motrin only once in awhile. My doctor deals with other FM patients, but he says I must not be all that bad. Is FM progressive? I've had it for 25 years. The pain never completely goes away anymore, but I've tried to adjust (wear bras that fasten in front, shoes that don't have to be tied, roll back on the bed in order to pull my slacks up, etc.) Is there anyone out there like me? Thanks. Fralor
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    Hi there,

    I have had FMS/CFS for 20 years and mine has gottin
    wors resantly , the last year i have gone from full time work with only taken anti depp. to sssick leave and i wil have to file for dissabilaty soon.
    I have allways had my ups and downs with flares and had to stay in bed untill i got better but this time it hasent, so i am know on painmed, and depp. med. I will be stating anti depp. again soon.But i still hope it will get better.
    We have a hypersensetive to med. most people with ouer illness.You have to try other med. to and dont forget the store that they have here, I have just ordered some different things from the store here since i feel i am know taking to mutch med.and i want to try if this helps.I was on the same anti depp. for 3 years and then they started to not work so good anymore, and then i started to look for a new one i can take ,i have tryed alot off diff. types but i havent found one that i can take. I have strange reaction s to all med.Most of us do.
    Have you considered that you migth have Cronic Fatige syndrom to ? It is not umcomen that we do have both.
    Youer Doc. seems insensetive to what you are telling him. It took me years of changing Doc. before i found one that treats me rigth, and takes me seriusly.
    there are people here that doesent take prescition drugs and only what they get in the store here.
    Well good luck and hang in there.

    Hope this helped you some.

    take care

    marilyn ( from Norway )
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    I have had FM for at least the last 8 years, and I'm in much the same position as you. I am not prescribed anything for FM, mostly because I don't really feel like I need anything, but also because I live in the UK, where the only thing most doctors will prescribe (if they believe in FM at all) is amitriptyline to help with the sleep.

    I take borage oil and a magnesium supplement, and between them they mean I can cope with a full time but unstressful job.

    I am a lot better than I used to be - I was virtually bedridden for a time, but stop the supplements and I would go rapidly downhill again.

    Hope this helps,

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    HI Fralor, I am fairly new here as well. I just wanted to add that my anti-depressant makes me drowsy as well. I take Paxil CR 25 mg extended release, supposedly this particular medicine helps with depression and anxiety. I have only been on it for about 6 weeks but it makes me very drowsy so I will be asking my doctor on my next visit if we change to something else for a couple of reasons: 1) the drowsiness, which is the last thing I need since I don't sleep well already, if I am lucky I get 3 to 4 hours of sleep every few days and this is never undisturbed sleep
    2) It doesn't seem to be working, I realize it takes a while to build up in your system but I would think it would be working by now but the depression is not getting any better and the anxiety seems to be getting worse. I'm sure this has alot to do with the chronic pain I am suffering right now and the sleep deprivation.

    Perhaps your doctor might be able to switch you to something that works better for you. I sure hope that mine can. Good luck to you and welcome to the board. Although I am fairly new here also I have found this board to be full of helpful advice, information and inspiration from truly caring compassionate people who many times are in the same boat I am in so to speak. There are days when I have been really down and just reading some of these posts have warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face.Take care and God Bless.

    Angi :)
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  6. Jackie F

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    You seem to finding what I did many years ago. That medication doesn't do all it is suppose to do.

    For me, antidepressants are worse than the illness. They simply mask it so well that we are unable to get any kind of relief or quality of life.

    You may have something else. Motrin doesn't have anything to help FMS. But it might be quite helpful for arthritis. FMS is not an inflamitory condition itself.

    Have you ever tried Valarian Root? I really like it. Some don't care for it. Many like Melatonin for sleep too.

    If I have to take a sleep medicine I prefer Ambien.

    Many docs try to give the lame excuse that Ambien is addicitive--like the antidepressants they want you to use isn't? The list of side effects from antidepressants are far more than Ambien.

    I take no meds for my FMS/CFIDS.

    Jackie F
  7. GEC

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    Hi Fralor. I have tried many different types of antideppressents, but have come to the conclusion that they make me feel worse because they mess around with my head. I am not deppressed either, so to me, it made no sense to continue taking them. my doc is a little upset about that. i now take neurontin. it is an anticonvulsive. didnt understand why that was prescribed to me, because it is mainly for people that have seizures. i researched the neurontin and realized that it is a common med prescribed to people like us. i am not sure how i feel about it yet since it has been only a few weeks that i have been it. hopefully it will give me some relief. i am in a lot of pain, and i have begun to get more and more tired. i never had sleep problems before. also the fibro fog seems to haunt me a lot lately as well. keep up with the positive attitude. it helps more than you think. take care, and i hope you get the answers you need.
  8. Allen2

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    Whether a person takes meds or not probably has a lot to do with the severity of the illness. If your anti-D is leaving you sedated, a qualified doc will adjust your dosage or find you a different med. I know by yrs of experience, having battled a treatment-resistant clinical depression. For several yrs we tried every medicine available until we hit upon just the right combination. It was worth the wait and the trouble. It is not true that Anti-D's mask the problem and it is not medically informed to make such a statement. Anti-D's go straight to the problem, an imbalance in serotonin, and scores of people know by experience that the wise use of meds and counseling have given them their lives back! Al
  9. Allen2

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    Anti-D's are not addictive and when prescribed and used responsibly(like Ambien, for example)can bring much healing and hope. Al
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    I hope your doc reasseses what he/she said. If you have pain and stiffness enough to change what you wear, and how you put on your clothes!!! People deserve to be painfree and help make decisions about that. No, a pill to pop is not always the answer...only you can decide that. It does sound like a lot of people with this have medicine least at higher dosages. I have learned with antidepressants in my past that for some reason i metabolize everything SLOWLY and the effects stay in my system longer. Alcohol does the same.A doc should not be put out if you choose a start slow and see approach. As far as fs being progressive...I wonder if that is easy to see because some get worse, others go in remission, still others can handle it until something sets it off full scale again (flare). Plus, as we age there has to be some normal deterioration, esp if we aren't real active. I don't think some of that can be looked upon as worsening of the disease. EveryBODY is different.
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    When I've taken anti-depressants in the past for clinical depression, some I had to take at night because they made me drowsy, some in the morning cause I couldn't sleep well. Paxil esp, for me, I could not take at night. Others take it & it helps them sleep. Usually any symptoms (like headaches, drowsiness, dry mouth) would go away within a week or so.

    Have you been dx'd with depression or is the dr just giving this to you for your fms? Just like taking insulin wouldn't help me if I'm not diabetic, I don't believe that all people w/ fms need to be on anti-depressants unless you are one of the ones it helps. If you haven't been, ask your dr if you really need them.

    Although I'm doing better than I was during my PMS, I'm really thinking about going back on anti-depressants to see if they help me with fms/cfids. To me, who has a history of seratonin level problems, I would think that since some research shows seratonin levels may be involved, I would be one of the ones that would benefit from it.

    I'm taking klonopin for restless legs, and vit/min/supp + changes in my diet & exercise. Too early to tell what's working.

    Best wishes. Michele

  12. fralor

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    Thanks for the information. I have to admit that my doctor has only been trying to find a medication that will work for me as far as relieving any pain. Like I said, I've tried a couple but it doesn't seem to make any difference what time I take them, they make me drowsy. Only once in a great while do I ever have problems sleeping. I don't suffer from depression yet, but I can sure understand how that can be a problem. I hold a full time job, but I notice when I'm home I have more time to think about my pains. Today was one of those days. I've heard quite a bit about several taking Paxil. I tried it once, however, I take another medication for epilepsy (Tegretol). I don't think the two agreed with each other even though I took them 3½ hours apart. I ended up spending half the night in the bathroom. I haven't had any epileptic seizures for 20 years because of the Tegregol, so I'm definitely not going to change that medication. Guess I'll just try some other medication when I really need it. Thanks again, Fralor
  13. MicheleF

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    This is just my humble opinion, so take it only if you want it, k?

    Anti-depressants are NOT pain medications...sounds as if your doctor is not addressing your issues...and to say to a patient, "well, your fms must not be all that bad" is unbelievably uncompassionate to me. He says he treats fms patients...but does that mean he treats them like you? Some drs are still treating fms as if it's an "all in your head" thing & are treating them for depression, which doesn't make sense if you don't suffer from depression.

    Even though I had a history of clinical depression, at no time did my rheumatologist make me feel that this was a depression issue. (although see above on seratonin levels-we are talking abt putting me in a study for an anti-depress. used only in Europe now, but that's b/c I asked first)

    I would search for a rheumatologist who used a variety of approaches to dealing with this issue. Mine is giving me glucosamine/chondriton (sp?)to help with the joint pain, and the other stuff (lol) I mentioned above. Check under the dr. referral on library or home page here, or go to for lists of drs in your area. (dr referral here has great tips on seeing your dr, so read that anyway)If you don't find one there in your area (I had to add mine just last week), make a post with your state & ask members here if they know of anyone.

    Best wishes to you. Keep us posted. Michele
  14. caring

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    Here's my imput for what it's worth.

    I cannot take medication either.

    It's my understanding that the antidepressants are to help one sleep by putting you into the stage 4 sleep which is your healing stage and therefore that's how it helps the pain. My reaction to them was basically the same as yours.

    Mel that is a member here recommended ZMA for sleep and many including myself have tried it. I love it and as a whole I awake very rested. This is sold on this site.
    If you want to find out what people here say about it put ZMA in the search and you will receive lots of imput.

    I too have battled this dd for lots of years, by dx came in 86, but I've had it since my teens and am now 60. Right now I'm in the pits but this too shall pass.

    Blessings to you.
  15. fralor

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    You've hit the nail on the head! I can see that I'm trying to use the go slow and see approach with my doctor. I'm the one who continues to deny any medication that he suggests I try. I know I'm going to have to start trying something in case the pain becomes a little more than I can handle. I have a doctor appointment next week, and I'll have to tell him exactly what I've told you, however, the "go slow and see approach" is quickly catching up with me! Thank you for the information.


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    Dear Fralor,
    This is my first visit to the site. I am a nurse and I work around my own MD, who is fairly clueless. I refused to see a Rhematologist for several years because I thought I'd be ridiculed, lectured, disbelieved...all for a large $$$ price. I finally went to a doc in Winston-Salem, NC who is the kindest man I've ever met. My professional and personal experience with doctors has never been positive until now. I HATE to sound like a crybaby, so I downplay my symptoms at times, but over the years I have taken Prednisone, Methotrexate, every antidepressant known to mankind and all kinds of heavy-duty painrelievers. I have VERY high Blood Pressure, my liver enzymes are all to heck and my Cholesterol and Triglycerides are 465! My BUN and Creatinine are very high and now my Glucose is elevated. Add this to poor heredity and I'm pretty-much-shot!!! The meds have definitely caused the liver problems and I am sitting here in a lot of pain. I don't have flares....I am NEVER out of I'm going to HAVE to break down and go on something else for the pain. I have been taking Metabolife for weight control for a few weeks and I am SURE that this is adding to my pain. I understand everything I've been reading on these message boards tonight. I feel hopeless.
  17. fralor

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    Welcome! I'm can't say I know what you're going through when you mention all the medications you've been on. I know I'm a little leery about having to take anymore because I've been taking medication for epilepsy the majority my life. I have a routine I must follow every six months so that my doctor can check my liver, Tegretol level in my blood, etc. I've been seizure-free for 21 years then FM pops up!

    You mention that you don't have flares. I do, so I try to get through that time with no medication. It just happened last weekend. All the pain never goes away, but the tired feeling and pain in certain areas (hands, especially) bother me at work, and thank goodness that pain goes away.

    My daughter suffers from migraines and her doctor put her on an anticonvulsant (not the same one I take). I wonder if my already being on an anticonvulsant helps me in any way. Others with FM have told me they also take them.

    As far as taking Metabolife for weight loss, I tried that once when it first came out. I was only on it for three days before I noticed I was constantly nauseated. My husband asked, "Oh my God, you aren't pregnant are you?" At "54" and having had a hysterectomy...I don't think so!