No more FM symptoms!!!! New breakthrough!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Fibrotears, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Fibrotears

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    I haven't been writing for a long time now because I went to Malawi with my church group and then I had yet another surgery.

    I have found two homeopathic products that takes away FM symptoms in a heart beat! Sore muscle etc.

    Traumeel S and Engystol N. It really works wonders for me. I've checked, you get it abroad.

    I inject myself everyday and feel wonderfull. But don't worry you get it in tablet form and drops as well. I only use the ampoules because I'm lactose intolerant and the tablets contains lactose. So just look out for that.

    But if you have to inject, it is really no biggy! I was scared at first to inject myself but now I inject better than my doctor! Just jab the needle in with a force and you can count to 3 that helps as well.

    Please try the Traumeel and Engystol and tell me if it also works for you!

    God bless

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  2. katbird7

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    Hey sounds wonderful!!! I'm fairly new to the board-so I'm a little slow on catching things. Where did you say you can get the products? Do you think a health food store would have them or do you have to order them? Did you get results fast-like immediately? I've tried alternative meds before w/o results and maybe I didn't give enough time. Money is also a factor--off work because of fibro. Are these expensive? I'm on Lyrica now, along w/pain med, muscle relaxer, sleep med, natural compounded hormones, Prilosec, and other vitamins. My co-pays and vitamin costs are over $100 month. This probably doesn't sound like much, but when you're use to having a pay check then you don't it's a lot. But if these products could take the place of some of my prescriptions, that would be wonderful. I'm always willing to try something (withing reason) that has worked for someone else. God bless you for sharing. Kat
  3. Fibrotears

    Fibrotears New Member

    It is products of the homeopathic company "-Heel" and your pharmacy can order it or I quess you can get it at health stores.

    I'm in South Africa, so it cost about R200 (about US$31) for 10 ampoules but the drops and tablets are much cheaper.

    I used to inject myself everyday but now, on good days, I inject myself once a week.

    It almost worked immediately, after the second day I thought I didn't have FM anymore! But remember, injections works faster than tablets and drops because it by pass your digestive system etc. So the tablets and drops will take a little longer to work.

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  4. sandi24

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    I have to say my knees wobbled at your description on how to inject yourself.. I could never do it so I would have to have the tablets.

    I will have a look to see if I can find them :)
  5. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    It looks like the Traumeel is an anti-inflammatory that is most often used in animals. It also has echinasea as a component, as well. And the Engystol's main purpose is to boost the immune system. They evidentally are herbal remedies.

    I am really happy that you have found something that works for you. But at the same time, a little weary of buying something that isn't approved by the FDA, (not saying they are always right, of course). And also a little concerned about buying something that isn't sold in the US, which means that it isn't approved by our standards.

    I think, in my mind, the bottom line is, how do you know if you'll have a reaction, and if you did, would your doctor have a clue how to treat it? It is sad that most MD's have little knowledge of natural medications, but I feel more comfortable having someone cover my back with a known medication, should something happen.

    I know this is not a popular stand, and I am not trying in any way to burst any bubbles. Should this become something that would be available on a market here in the US, I'd be more than happy to take it to my doc and check it out. Thanks for the info! PG
  6. phoebe1

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    I'm so glad you finally found something that works for you, unfortunately Traumeel and Engystol did nothing for me, I already tried them in my early years of FM and never even thought of mentioning them to you.
    After all you have been through you really deserve this, I truly hope and pray that this is the answer you have been looking for!

  7. Grandma6

    Grandma6 New Member

    Our minds sure work the same because as much as I want all this pain to go away and I want to get back to some kind of normal; I won't try anything without first checking with my doctor. I am thrilled that it is working for someone and I hope there are others that benefit from it.

    I'm not saying I won't try it but I am one of those that have had some strange reactions to different kinds of meds and foods and other things so I am very careful of what I take.

    By no means am I trying to put a damper on anyone lifestyle and if it works and their bodies can tolerate it, then go for it.


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