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    Today was the first time in months that I was able to lay down during the day.

    I have been so ill the last few months with terrible left flank pain, digestive problems and was unable to eat or drink without causing further pain. I was never hungry and just took little bites of things periodically, I was though, very thirsty, and drinking half a glass of something increased the pain so finally settled on ice chips. My face began to look very grey.

    Many doc appointments, ultra sound, cat scan and blood tests showing nothing, was basicly told to go away and stop wasting everyone times.

    After xmas I decided to seek help from a naturapathic doctor. I walked into her office and told her that i think my body is shutting down, which i totally believed. She went into great explanations but I told her that all i could hear was blah blah blah, could not comprehend anything.

    I think I have been very lucky and seem to have found a really good one. This is by no means a cheap venture.

    I have two sessions a week, one session for body manipulation and the other for accupunture along with an unbeleviable amount of potiens (my name for them).

    But, and for me this is huge my digestive problems are almost gone, i have begun to have an appitite and my pain is now a memory, although i do admit that sometimes i can feel it lurking there.

    The biggest thing i have learnt is that treating myself with supplimants is insane, i don't know how they are going to interact, i don't know how much to take.

    From the begginning she gave me many potions to support the liver, kidneys and gallbladder and is no moving on to treating the high inflamation in my body.

    Would love to hear from others who are going down this path or maybe seeing a herbalist.

    I have to be honest though, I do beleive that in chinese medicine they know things we dont but i dont really want to hear stories of all the far out claims.

    Hope this helps someone, especially the gastric part of the treatment

  2. maps1

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    So happy to see your reply, was thinking I was only one taking this path.

    Have ordered kits for testing for lyme and mycoplasma pneumonia, although, naturapath has said it will probably make little difference to the treatment plan right now, but I need to find some peace and this will hopefully rule them out.

    I am so sick and so tired of researching and trying new things I think I have made my illness a lot worse, this year I have been pretty much housebound whereas last year I was not well but was out and about.

    As you said the digestive system is the most important and mine was sooo sick, lots better now although we are not quite there yet.

    We have also added treatments to support liver, kidney and gallbladder while trying to get the inflamation levels down.

    I would like to ask you a couple of questions though, if you don't mind. How often do you go? I am going twice a week but looking at the finances am thinking of reducing this to once a week at the end of this month.

    Do you also have acupuncture and body work done? Have you met anyone else that has been treated by a naturapath and has seen improvements, not necessarily fm or cfs.

    I am focused on getting my body back to some managable state and certainly don't believe she can cure cfs (but wouldn't that be great). I do believe that other illnesses come into play when your body is not working very well.

  3. That is great! I have had terrible stomach problems and pain. Did they do a gastric emptying test? That is what I had and found my stomach isn't emptying correctly, hardly at all. Its horrid. Are you taking specific supplements?
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    Hi, Maps, I'm glad you are getting help. I have also had maybe 300 acupuncture treatments over the years, by about 9 different licensed acupuncturists, and although unfortunately the treatments didn't help me, they didn't hurt either. On the theory that acupuncture was as much an art as a science, I did try quite a few acupuncturists, seeing each of them many times, but none of them were able to help me feel better. Some people with fibro or CFS have reported being helped by acupuncture and you are apparently one of them. I am glad for you. What kind of manipulation are you receiving? I find that a professional massage, when done well, with massage oil, is very helpful and reduces my pain the same day. Sometimes it carries over into the next day as well. Some other kinds of manipulation have helped me as well, temporarily.

    People need to be careful with Chinese herbs, however. I took them from a Chinese practitioner here in the U.S. I was referred to him by someone I trusted who told me the pratitioner highly trained. However, the herbs he gave me caused me to have liver problems. Fortunately, my massage therapist caught the problem the herbs were causing early so my liver recovered quickly after I stopped taking them. However, liver problems caused by Chinese herbs are very common in China, according to articles I've read. In addition, Chinese herbs, particularly those grown in China, can also contain lead, cadmium, or occasionally other contaminants so anyone taking them should consider being tested for heavy metals from time to time. Another time an acupuncturist gave me herbs she thought would benefit me (they didn't). She thought they were grown in the U.S. and Europe but I called the company to find out if that was really the case. The person I spoke to at the company informed me that, "whenever possible, we purchase herbs from American or European sources." When I questioned her further as to where the herbs in the company's formula actually came from, she conceded that they were all grown in China! She said this was because the company was unable to find sources outside of China for the herbs contained in the product.
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    Anita B: I think that is one of our biggest problems, even the largest food supplier can not tell you if any or part of their product is grown in China. Canada at one time was working on getting manufacturers to list where their ingredients were grown, seems to have faded away though. China is the largest supplier of vitamen c, I think there is only one other country that grows it in a small amount.

    I am actually not getting any chinese herbs nearly all the products are from the Unda brand which is european and I am also getting stuff like cod liver oil, liquid minerals, q10, amino acid, magnesium and the probiotic she has has 18 billion cfu of acidophilus which I can't seem to find in the stores.

    I do find it all a little scarey but I had no more options and I have asked her to write down every time she gives me a remedy what is supposed to be working on. I can only go on the results and so far i see improvement she even pointed out that my endema was going down and no one had told me I had it, I thought it was just weight gain.

    She asked my cfs doctor to run these tests:

    Kidney and Spleen Diagnostic studies
    Liver Enzymes, Bilirubin, Homocysteine
    Cholesterol Panel
    Chemistry Panel, GFR, Urea, BUN, Creatinine ratios
    Thyroid Panel (rT3, T3, T4, TSH, TPO)
    CBC with RBC morphology, B12
    EBV, CMV, ESR, RF, ANA, Lyme’s Disease Elisa Test
    INR, PTT, Troponin, Cardiac Echo
    HbA1c H. Pylori

    My doctor agreed and when the results came back it was the naturapath not the doctor that pointed out we were missing the results of five tests.

    So basicly everything she has done so far has been very thourough (sp) and professional so I can only hope she will help me to improve.

    I am just so happy to be without the agonizing flank pain.

  6. maps1

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    I am so glad that you are feeling better and sure hope it continues for a long, long time.

    My neice was a nurse, now re-trained to teach because her back causes her so much agony, so I have seen first hand how much pain the back can cause.

    Maybe now they have started the stem cell research up again they will come up with something to help your back.

  7. maps1

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    That was exactly how I felt so naturpath told me to eat three cooked beets and watch, she said it should take 12 to 24 hours, mine was three days.

    I am taking treatments for gi, gallblader, liver and the cod liver oil is supposed to have some kind of bile, can't remember what. The idea is to encourage all these organs to speed up but I still find that about once a week I need to take some senokot. I feel my system is still very slugish going to talk to her next time about that.

    It is horrid and very unhealthy, it can even cause leaky gut and I wonder if this is what gives me the poisened all over feeling.

    I sympathize with you, what have you been trying.

  8. lea

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    Why did your Naturpath have you eat the beets?
    thanks a lot

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