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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Aberlaine, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Aberlaine

    Aberlaine Member

    After two years of research, reading what others have tried, changing meds and supplements, I've finally gotten my fibro symptoms under control.

    Now I'm doubting if I had fibromyalgia at all! Has this happened to any of you?

    I take diclofenac and tramadol for my pain; my doctor has added rememeron to my numerous other antidepressants and I'm finally sleeping peacefully; I'm taking 200 mg. of selenium daily for fibro fog and can now think, reason and remember for the first time in two years.

    I'm seeing a rheumatologist in a few weeks who treats patients with fibromyalgia. I'm going to ask him to confirm my diagnosis. In the meantime, I want to know if this kind of thinking goes with the territory.

    Thanks in advance for your posts!

  2. fieldmouse

    fieldmouse New Member

    Thats great....Hasn't happened for me but glad to hear someone is feeling better....Good luck.....Mick!!
  3. Aberlaine

    Aberlaine Member

    Hayley, I've read some of our more recent posts here. I did a search on Dr. Goldstein and found excerpts of his book, Betrayal of the Brain, online.

    These words jumped out at me: <b>Developmental issues.</b> Neonatal stressors can alter central information processing in children for years afterwards, causing an increase in somatic symptoms, changes in adrenal responsiveness to stress, and abnormalities in hippocampal CRH receptors. ( Minimal stressors such as 15 minutes of maternal deprivation for a total of 41/2 hours in the first 3 postnatal weeks of rats can cause lifelong HPA axis dysfunction). If a child feels unsafe for a period of time from birth to puberty, he may become hypervigilant and interpret the saliency of sensory input differently than a child who feels secure.

    My mom died when I was three years old and I didn't find out about it until I was twelve. Relatives felt it would be too distressing to know that she died. So I grew up believing that I was a horrible child and she left because of me.

    I've always believed that this major event in my life has caused all the others. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  4. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    into account the many viruses people test positive for. I think it's a combination of many things and possibly a personality type who is more suseptible to stress, mental or physical. Many people get these viruses but do not get the FM/CFS and others don't get them until a severe physical or emotional event happens. Some have NO clue what triggered the illness. They are getting closer to an answer but still have miles to go.
  5. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I'm really glad you've found something that works for you. I'm on my way and working on it daily too.

    For me, supplements have given me the best help of anything I've tried. That and eating better, ie...tons of fresh fruits and veggies and keeping my meals as close to the earth as possible.

    (Stormy's advice to have fruit for breakfast has changed my life in the mornings)

    Before this flare started for me in July 2004, I had about 4 good years of being back to a new normal after my first major flare that lasted 9 months.

    I knew I was due for another flare, had felt it coming on for months so just be careful as you go along with your daily life from now on.

    You still have this DD, but you've brought it under control.

    Congratulations and hugs,

    Nancy B
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  6. Alot could be the tramadol it is for pain. I think you have hit on something here.Could they come up with a plan to beat this illness. That would be great! Good luck Ruthie
  7. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I am still not in any kind of recovery phase and from what the doctor says, I probably never will. I try to maintain, though.

    I am glad certain things are working for you.

  8. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    What wonderful news!!!! I'm happy for you. I probably would wonder the same thing if I got cured. Did you have all the FMS symptoms? tender points, sleeplessness, etc.. FMS is such least to me, it is. And, as we know, some doctors misdiagnose (not to say this happened to you), so it's sometimes very hard to know what is FMS and what isn't. In the almost 10 years that I've been ill, I have never been able to say all my symptoms are gone.

    So, I wonder, are there different levels of this illness and, if so, why? What makes one person sicker than another. Why does one med help one person and not another.

    Sorry, for going on and on..I'm having a bad day. I'm truly happy for you.

  9. Aberlaine

    Aberlaine Member

    I've never had the all-over pain many people complain about. I've mostly had pain from tender points and trigger points as well as terrible back pain. I don't think any of those have been "fixed", other than I go to therapeutic massage once a month. The pain meds I take daily has helped me get the pain under control.

    I've suffered from terrible fibro fog: couldn't remember anything I read, got lost once or twice driving around town, forgot everything as soon as it happened. All of that's gone now. Why? Who knows. Maybe it's the supplements I'm taking. Maybe it's the one extra medication I've recently started that gets me into deep sleep.

    I've had flares because I've tried to do too much. That doesn't happen anymore because I've finally figured out how to prioritize and organize my life so I don't do too much. I'm able to take daily naps and I make sure I do lie down, even if I'm not tired. I recognize the stress in my life and try to avoid it.

    So I guess I've answered my own question. Yes, I do still have fibromyalgia, but I've learned how to cope/live with it so it doesn't knock me around. And yes, I will write all of this down so in case things start to go wrong again, I know how to get back to this good spot.

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