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    Shirl movedone of my posts here about my friends hubby having Leukemia.

    They started his chemo two nights ago. He was also on dialysis and at least his kidneys are functioning better.

    He has a long haul ahead of him. The children got to be with him this weekend. Her parents will be up from Florida in a week to help out, but for now this week will be rough for her and the kids and shifting them from house to house.

    I s/w my other friend who s/w her yesterday between her traveling back and forth to NYC with kids to go visit him. (His name is John, her name is Ellen and the kids are Little John and Amee). She said she hasnt heard anything new and poor Ellen is in a very FRAZZLED state of mind.

    I was upset because of not knowing how I could help so I figured out something that may help. My daughters are good friends with Amee. Little John is in my youngest grade. Myself and the girls will put together "goody bags" of juice boxes and snacks so when they leave for the city to go see daddy all Ellen has to do is grab a bag for the two of them. Less she has to worry about before the big ride. My daughters thought it was a good idea and gives them a sense of doing something positive to help their friend Amee out. We are also making tote bags for Amee and little John...packing them with crayons, markers, paper and other activitied that they can leave in the van at all times so when they go see their dad it will be in the van to take inside and color with daddy. I hope it helps her out a little.

    The chemo will be inteanse in a few days. He will be seriously ill from it. Ellen unsure if kids will be able to continue to visit once he losses hair and becomes even more sick. Plus his immune system will be compromised, so it may not be a good idea that he has alot of visitors.

    Please continue prayers for the family. Again, names are John, Ellen, little john and Amee. Im scared for them. He is young. Maybe about 40 -42 yrs old. Too young in my eyes to leave this world right now.
    Pray for strength courage and piritual uplifting for them.

    Thank you!
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    Dear Lord,
    The needs of this family are great, but I know that your grace is greater. As they face this traumatic situation, link them together heart to heart with the bond that cannot be broken. Give them the courage to face this disease, and the strength to fight. Preserve John's life and save him from this disease. Most importantly, Lord, reveal yourself to them ever minute of their walk through this time. Let them know where their strength and help must come. Send a constant stream of loving people to minister Your love to them. Provide for all of their material needs and keep them from financial stress. Let your peace reign in their hearts.

    In Jesus might name I pray.

    Dear Another-Painful-Day, your idea for packing tote bags was excellent and I'm sure will be much appreciated.

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    Thank you for keeping us posted on this family...I hope you will continue to do so.

    What a very hard time for this family and friends. Your idea for goodie bags and things for the children is a wonderful idea. The little dears do not understand what is going on and it is so thoughtful of you to help with them.

    I am sure their mother is so very stressed and its hard on her to deal with everything. Thankfully, she has friends like you that step in and help.

    I do continue to pray for John and the news that his kidney function was better, is good news.

    Also, the fact that her parents are coming will help give her the help with the children and support she needs so very much.(Ellen)

    Dear Lord;
    I pray for this family. I pray you will impart your strength and give an abundance of your wonderful grace to every member of this family and friends during this very trying time. Dear Lord, I pray that the treatments will erradicate the cancer and that this young man will be healed and be able to join his family. at home and healthy again, according to Your will and purpose. Draw them close to You Lord, You are a very present help in the time of trouble. May they learn of You and lean upon You , now and always, In Jesus Name I ask, Amen....God Bless you all. blessings
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    In Jesus name I confess and believe that no weapon formed agaisnst this family shall prosper.

    I believe that the wisdon of God dwells in Johns family.
    and Lord that you will be thier stregnth.

    Lord give John the supernatural strenght to walk in divine health and to live in abundance.

    father I ask that you would Bless this family

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