No,No Dakos!!!

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    He has been out of the injections for well over a month. Does not know when they will
    get them. And his receptionist told my Brother to stop calling on Saturdays to ask
    if they have them in.

    This is after both of us spending over $1,000 on the "O" shots and making the trip to
    Ft. Myers and hotel costs.

    It's disgusting.

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    Yes, Jam, we have gotten 3 injections each. Thanks for you concern. I doubt there will be
    any resolve for this. As far as I understand Dr. Gomringer (hope I spelled that fairly correct)
    has had the injections for his patients all along.

    I don't have a lot of energy (to say the least) but I don't have a "sick" feeling for which
    I am grateful. I still do yoga and have a stationary bike. Gkids did give me the flu
    for Christmas. They picked it up at Animal Kingdom. Who thought it was a good
    idea to have visitors sign in with their thumbprint? Sheesh.

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    Oh Leah, Frieda, you are such a warm, loving person. While I could not know what
    was going on, I did understand that sometimes things happen. Things we have no
    control over. I am glad to see you posting whenever you are able.

    I rarely post because of cognitive issues really. It started about May of 2012. Now that
    Brother is here, things are much better for me but he uses the computer a lot! But
    that is fine. He really, really enjoys ancestry search. He has a little poodle who adds
    joy to us.

    Much caring to you TOO!!
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    Thanks, Leah Freida! And other supporters.

    We did receive the shot on Friday. Brother said that it had been 2 months since
    our last. I don't have much hope that it will do anything. OK, much of anything.
    Yet, we grasp at things hoping they will help.

    I think about the ChitChat board and the lovely ppl there. My difficulty reading/
    comprehending is a big drawback. My doc can't believe this but I am letting him
    pick out what labs to check. This is a first in about 28 years. haha
    Linda (yes still wearing the dark glasses )
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    No problem at all Jam. We are all here to share and learn. Brother has a disability but from a
    scuba accident years ago that flared up about 10 years ago. I forget why he wanted to try
    the shots (really, bad memory) but he has decided that he cannot stop taking neuronton
    for any length of time and will not be taking another shot.

    So, I have his shot that I can take next. I haven't checked the date but it is probably pretty
    soon. We have had another bug (flu at Christmas) Winter Nausea Illness this time. It
    was terrible. I couldn't stand because of the B/p dropping to nothing. Brother told
    me to crawl. Luckily, he had it first and was feeling better by the time hubby and I
    got it.

    I really can't tell if the shots do anything for me other than give me hope. :) Linda
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    Thanks, Jam. I will give it a try. I was on the Transfer Factors for about 10 years and never caught
    anything that I can remember. Now, three bug in about 3 months. Thanks again for suggesting