No OLE if on B/P meds??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by darlamk, Jul 2, 2003.

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    I just started on OLE this week - been trying to avoid going to doc for a sinus infection. I have taken it for 3 days (500 mg twice a day) and have no side effects and my sinus symptoms are much better....but I am on Avapro for high blood pressure. I read Plantscaper's comments on another OLE post re: bloodpressure meds and OLE. I could not find any other info regarding taking it with other meds. Any advice?
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    I feel like I have to report that as OLE has been reported to interfere with those listed drugs..

    However, personally, it has lowered my blood pressure as the lowest ever at ll2/72 (without taking any blood pressure medication, now)..and because it does have this effect, it is reported to "potentiate" or interfere with blood pressure drugs.. In the book, Nature's Antibiotic by Morton Walker, this is one of its expected benefits..

    However, since I don't know other people's situation and whether you can go off the BP med, like I did..I err on the side of caution..But, if you are not having any bad symptoms and only much improvement, I would not change anything..Just measure your B/P along the way and/or discuss with doc..OLE is especially effective for prevention and help with the sinuses..

    I just feel compelled to tell when there has been reported interference..and people are having some bad reactions..

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    I thank you for your reply and information. I plan to continue with the OLE and see what happens. I'm having more stiffness and pain the last few days but have been doing some yard work and gardening (which always kicks things up for me.)I don't seem to ever have an empty stomach so I have had no problems with gastric distress as some people describe. :) Thanks again and have a safe and fun holiday weekend!