No One Can Give Me A Reason

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    Over a month ago I began to drive over a bridge but don't remember the rest. I don't know how I got over it but I got almost to the end when I heard a very loud bang and saw white smoke everywhere. That's when I realized I hit something and I apparently blacked out driving. Both airbags went off, the car was totaled. I hit a very high truck, thank goodness and only damaged the wheel, the driver was fine. At the time all they noticed was a broken hand on me. It wasnt the best ER so no further testing was done. I began to notice things, like my blood pressure kept dropping day by day, bruising in other parts of my body, more pain in my back etc. I was told I couldn't do any PT until the doctors found out what was going on. I had an EEG which was normal, wore a Holter monitor, normal, B/P monitor they say normal...when my BP is 94/86 when it used to be 140/98 or highter diastolic I don't consider that normal. I am weak, dizzy and walk like I've had one too many. Next week I have an echo cardiogram. Why Don't the doctors take us seriously. I know my body and something is wrong. The pain is much worse and is now from my neck down my legs where before it was my lower back to my legs. I don't take pain meds, so I lay in bed some days, not very often , with heating pads and cry. I force myself up and get into a very hot shower which helps to get me moving. Any ideas? Hummingbirdlover
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    Sometimes it takes time to find the problem and I sure hope they do soon. At least it sounds like the Drs. are working on it.

    You are new so I know you are not aware of this....
    Please use more paragraphs, short ones, when posting. Most of us can not read postings otherwise. It all runs together.
    Sometimes we skip reading long postings of no paragraphs.

    I do not see other postings by assume you have not been on the site.

    Please keep us posted and I want to know what you find out on all of this.

    Why aren't you on any pain meds? Might help you sleep.

    Welcome to this site and I am sending you Blessings and prayers and gentle hugs...........Susan
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    I don't know how old you are but that B/P is too low. And it is too close in the top number to the bottom number . I forget which is the systoic and the diastolic.But the numbers need to be further apart.

    And with you feeling dizzy k,weaak, and not like your self and not knowing what happened and the passing out or blacking out you need to know why you did that.

    I would tell you to go to a GOOd ER and tell them what is going on as ap and find out what it happening to you.

    Sweetie I feel like you need to go to a really good ER and get some help NOW! don't wait do it now. And find out why you blacked out and why your feeling like you are.
    Please don' wait .
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    both alarming and mysterious. I hope you can find some decent drs. that can figure out what's going on.

    Good luck.
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    The blackout sounds like an Ambien experience....
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    Dear Humminbirdlover:

    Hi. Sorry you are having a tough time. First of all...there is a kind of epilepsy (cannot remember the exact name brain fog today). It happens as you go on a bridge that has the wires all at the same distance apart. We have a bridge near us that it happens to me all the time on. Just a thought.

    About your blood pressure. Get to a doctor and explain that your normal b/p is no where near what you have right now. You could be in shock, you could have some internal bleeding, you could be dehydrated. If your air bags went off, there was a significant crash. Please be sure that you see someone as soon as you can. Especially if you are continuing to have pain. I am guessing that the bruising is where your seatbelt crossed your body? If it is in any other place, you should be sure to get that checked out as well.

    Good luck to you, and I hope that you can figure this all out.